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Unbelievable. - 05/07/13 09:06 PM

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Then there's ME
The Eternal SmartArse...

A Jehovah's Witness on my front porch thinks he's
just about to "close the deal" by presenting his
irrefutable argument in favor of Creationism:

"...but what are the odds of inert chemicals floating
around in water spontaneously assembling themselves
into living single celled creatures???" smirk

I shot back with, "I should think a good deal better
than the odds of some 'All Knowing, All Powerful
Super Being' popping into existence outta' thin air!"

He just closed his leather bookbag and left.

Gee... was it sumpthin' I sed? frown

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Besides the content, the writing in the questions seems , to me, to be lot up to 4th grade level. But I'm not that savvy of that grade level.

As a parent , If they teach science like this, then I would be I would be suspicious that the other disciplines might be lacking

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Bet they cover the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.
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Being a private religious school, I suppose they can teach whatever they want. In my conversations with parents in several areas, I've come to believe that some private schools teach some form of creationism.

Also, I've had students come into my classes who have been previously home schooled. That and in Dodge, when I first come there there was a 1-8 Catholic school whose graduates we acquired . For the most part they were top notch.

I didn't teach science so I can't specifically attest exactly what they were taught on that subject but they went on to do well in our public school, which certainly didnt teach creationism.

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My daughter just started in a Catholic school. We aren't Catholic... but it's 2 blocks away and the public schools in my area are the pits.
They still have to adhere to certain standards in order to be accredited. I am not clear on what those standards are... I know they can and will teach some spiritual teachings.. but that test does cross the line.
I attended a non-denominational school in my high school years. That was 1976-80 .. and there was never anything approaching the test in question. It was the same material as regular high schools, more or less, with some scripture thrown in along with praying and wearing a uniform.
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Hope it's a hoax, though it sure looks legit.

It's not even much of a quiz, it asks leading True False questions to get to a foregone conclusion. If only the Bible had a recipe for Global Warming. Only parts I can remember are along the lines of "the earth was given to us to do with as we please."
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Catholicism accepts evolution, both biological and cosmic. I don't know about where you are, MrB, but around here in PA Catholic schools are pretty selective, so I'm not surprised that the kids that came from that school were top-notch.

Oh-and AFAIK they've stopped wondering about angels on the head of a pin. I think. smile
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I doubt you were talking to 'Jersey Jac.
...but rather simply replying to thread...

...but just about everyone I've ever known
(north of the Mason/Dixon Line) has ever
admitted to having dinosaur-riding kin in
their family tree, leastwise for the last
several hunnert thousand generations or so.

That article never mentioned denomination,
but I VERY much doubt they were Catholic.

What I take deep umbrage to is the Judeo/
Christian BS concerning "MAN"'s God-Given
dominion over the Earth & it's inhabitants,
...just as I do his domination over women.

While I "get" the BS argument of 'Free Will'
as a convenient right to f-up all you want,
AFAIC allowing mankind to run roughshod all
over the Earth for fun and profit is the best
argument I know against the existence of a
Supreme Being, unless he's so dispassionate
as to view us as some failed science project.

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I think that most sensible Christian denominations have accepted that stewardship of the planet is more important than dominating and subduing it.

I'm sounding so religious in this thread! shocked
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Well, Adam was given the task of naming all the animals . He just didnt get to see all of them in his lifetime., so other scientists had to do it for him

If Adam had seen the dinosaurs , he would have named it simply, like "Big Fecking Lizard", scientists had to name " brachiosaurus "

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One of my favorite epigrams, titled "Fleas," by the famous and always popular Anonymous.

Had 'em.
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Originally Posted By: MrB
Well, Adam was given the task of naming all the animals .

Sorry, that holds about as much water to me as,
"Once upon a time..."

Don't get me wrong,
My grandfather on my mom's side was a minister,
and I was a Bible teacher for quite some time,
it took quite a while to wean myself away from the
notion that to fully embrace the logic of science
could be accomplished without Incurring the Wrath of
"The Big Bogey-Man In the Sky" ...seriously,
it's been harder than switching from the ubiquitous
WINDOWS PC to The Mac OS.. ask iMacsoontobe wink

But once I did,
it was like removing a pebble from my shoe.

LOL pretty much like switching to OS "X" once it
all starts falling into place...
Who needs "a watchmaker" (Creator Figure) when
the wonders of a Naturally Occurring Universe
spread out before you like a carpet of stars?

Yes, it means that you no longer have the comfort
of a "Father Figure" in times of travail... nor
do you get to have Someone to Blame, or to use
as an Excuse for Shyte Behavior, you finally take
a degree of responsibility for the mess we're in,
but that's a small price to pay for growing up.

Back to Topic; "Unbelievable" wink jest sayin'...

to paraphrase a popular saying around these parts,
"That's my OPINION, and I'm sticking to it!"