Lucky man

Posted by: NucleusG4

Lucky man - 05/03/13 07:28 PM

I was reading an article about the bombings and saw a photo I had not previously seen. In case it doesn't load properly from the link... it's slide 4.

Wow.. sooo lucky.
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Re: Lucky man - 05/03/13 07:43 PM

In the days following the bombing the Reddit and 4chan internet sleaths looked at this AP photo and had identified this guy as a likey suspect.
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Re: Lucky man - 05/03/13 08:29 PM

"lucky" ?

That was actually one of my first concerns at the time:
How many people had been hit by the tiny shrapnel?
BeeBees so small (perhaps non-ferrous, perhaps copper)
that peppered bystanders who may not be fully aware
that they've actually sustained a meaningful injury
since shock (fer'instance, having being in an explosion)
causes living things to loose the ability to feel pain.

Hopefully, people who think they'd just been hit by
gravel or bits of pavement, went and got x-rays.

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Re: Lucky man - 05/03/13 08:54 PM

Yes.. "lucky".
To be so close to the blast that it blew off your pants... yet you can still walk... ya damn skippy, that's lucky.
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Re: Lucky man - 05/03/13 09:03 PM


word! Lucky as hell!
but I still hope he got x-rays. eek
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Re: Lucky man - 05/03/13 09:06 PM


the people who went back to aid others
has renewed my faith in humanity.
Posted by: MrB

Re: Lucky man - 05/04/13 01:49 AM

That link is really messed up on my iPad. I've had trouble before withe the slide photos not behaving .