Steve-O action figure

Posted by: NucleusG4

Steve-O action figure - 05/02/13 08:28 PM

LOL.. pretty cool.
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Steve-O action figure - 05/03/13 04:34 AM

THIS is the one I bought way back when
they announced that the one above
wouldn't be going into production,
and I've been dressing him ever since,
from the sneakers up. Socks, undies,
dungarees, belt, watch, turtleneck...
I bought him an iPad & a MacBook Air
and he's sitting on my desk on the red
leather chair from "The Matrix". cool

I don't like the way the neck joint fits
so I stopped whilst I searched the web
for the correct type that's need, which
has proven really daunting so far.
I haven't begun the painting as of yet,
since I'm still not sure if I'll need
to modify the neck with my Dremel and
that would prolly mess up the paint...

I'll post a picture tomorrow if I can
take a half way decent picture.. I'm
admittedly the world's WORST photog. frown
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Re: Steve-O action figure - 05/03/13 10:25 AM

In my post there were two action figures. One was U.S. based and was shot down. one was made overseas and is available... for 200.00
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Steve-O action figure - 05/03/13 01:26 PM

Yup... The first (the American Based one) shot down
by Loreen Jobs because it was simply way too soon
after Steve's passing.

It seemed too much like witnessing vultures moving
the moment he drew his last breath.....

After a more respectful amount of time had elapsed,
the Japanese company came in to fill the void.

A void was there however. Many of us felt it only
too keenly, and reached out for anything & everything
in order to fill it...

I have the Jobs/Apple stickers in the rear windows
of my car, a acrylic LAZAR sculpture on my desk,
A framed copy of the TIME Commemorative issue, a
framed copy of the original "THINK DIFFERENT" poster
that I'd fallen in LOVE with the first time I ever
entered my local Apple Store, and of course, my
version of our Fearless Leader still in the making:

...I went with the Nike running shoes...
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Re: Steve-O action figure - 05/03/13 07:34 PM


Nice, Cel. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Celandine

Re: Steve-O action figure - 05/03/13 09:48 PM

I'll try to get a better picture once I paint the figure.

Frankly I settled for the one I got because I
could never have afforded the original for $165.

Had I known how much time and trouble I'd spend
collecting the various components I may have
thought twice about setting aside 20 bucks a month
until the one posted above became available...
...had I been certain that that day would ever come.

I've spent a good deal more than $200, but at
least I got to spread out the payments to pay
for each individual part. (including about $50
in paint plus spray base, clear, & matte topcoats.)

In case you're so inclined to take up a new hobby,
THESE are by the same artist, based in Hong Kong.

THIS is a nice knick-knack as well smile

I just hefted it... I was wrong, it IS Glass chystal
...not wanting to put finger prints all over it, I hadn't
handled it in quite a while, it's pretty heavy.
As my Southern cousins used to say; "I wouldn't
wanna get hit in the head with it doin' 80 mph!" shocked