Some things...

Posted by: NucleusG4

Some things... - 04/30/13 09:21 PM

Some things have to be seen.

And then... can't be unseen.

This was about as hard in rock n roll as they ever got... and considering the times, ain't half bad in a weird 70s sort of way.
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Re: Some things... - 04/30/13 10:27 PM

They… They all look the same! shocked
How did Donny get to be the lucky one?
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Some things... - 04/30/13 11:34 PM

Thought for a minute that was The Osmonds and Crazy Horse. Where's Neil, I was gonna ask!
Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: Some things... - 05/01/13 12:09 AM

I enjoyed that!

Posted by: garyW

Re: Some things... - 05/01/13 01:16 AM

Here's the antidote for having watched that:

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Re: Some things... - 05/01/13 01:27 AM

Where's Neil

I thought the same thing! grin
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Some things... - 05/01/13 02:18 AM

Actually the Crazy Horses album they wrote themselves, not the same pop sound. It was definitely more rock oriented.

Crazy Horses was about pollution from autos.

Kind of a Zepplin sound at first.