Dontcha hate it?

Posted by: MacBozo

Dontcha hate it? - 04/20/13 09:05 PM

When you can't find a link to what you heard on the radio in the car? I heard on "Conversations on the World Café" this afternoon and I cannot find it on the webs. It was with a new artist (singer/songwriter) named (I think it's this), Cale Baxter (not sure of the spelling). It isn't listed on the Conversations web site. Arrrrrgh!
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Dontcha hate it? - 04/21/13 01:28 AM

Many of the shows and interviews
don't show up for at least 24 hours don't give up.

I have luck sussing out the song and artist
by teasing-out the main or repeated lyric
especially the chorus... then Googling that.

My All-Time Favorite Find
turned out to be by Todd Snyder

I was larfing so hard I had to pull over! laugh