Texas fertilizer plant explosion

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Texas fertilizer plant explosion - 04/18/13 09:45 AM

caught on camera

It looks like an amateur photog had been
filming the fire suddenly turned deadly!

Many casualties in Texas Waco fertiliser plant blast

'Like a war zone'

TV images showed streams of emergency vehicles descending on the site and ambulance crews using a nearby sports field as an emergency treatment area. The injured were being carried to hospital not just in ambulances but in police squad cars and helicopters.

Glenn A Robinson, chief executive of Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco, told CNN that his hospital had received 66 injured people including 38 who were seriously hurt.
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Re: Texas fertilizer plant explosion - 04/18/13 10:51 AM

Waco sure gets its share of tragedy...
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Re: Texas fertilizer plant explosion - 04/18/13 12:52 PM

Yep pretty sad... my wife's father died in the 1956 Valero Refinery fire in Sunray, TX. Every time something like this happens it really hits home !! He was one of the 19 firemen killed. frown

The "good news" out of that tragedy is it was a precedent to change the way they fought not only refinery fires, but ALL fires. From post analysis, many new fire fighting practices were established which saved future firemen's lives. It was a pivotal event for fire fighting techniques.

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Re: Texas fertilizer plant explosion - 04/18/13 02:33 PM

Sorry to read about your father in law.
Jesus Loves ALL First Responders.
You gotta be pretty special to be willing to
lay down your life for people you don't even know.

You may have read my back-story at some point.
I literally grew up in an industrial park,
across the street from the chemical factory
that later became the "Super-Fund Site"
responsible for poisoning my entire neighbourhood
including all my fellow students and teachers
who went to the same Grammar School. frown

I know what you mean about being forever effected
by "these things"... I still jump outta'-my-skin when
ever I hear Factory Fire-Klaxtons sound, no matter
where I've lived ever since. eek

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Another horror.
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Sure does. This is so frown
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has anyone noticed that
Now That
He Needs Disaster Relief,
Barack Obama Is Rick Perry’s New Best Friend ? smirk