AMC Comic Book Men

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AMC Comic Book Men - 04/18/13 05:29 AM


My grandson and his performance partner [Raycee and Mills] are at an interactive theatrical "upfront" for AMC. It's staged it to sell ads for their shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, etc. They were part of the entertainment and then they visited with actors and some sets, trying out costumes, wigs, vampire stuff, etc.

Rachel, Kevin Smith, my grandson Mark [Mills]

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How kewl iz dat? cool

Good to hear some GOOD NEWS for a change. smile
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I just read this at HuffPo:

Kevin Smith Offered Hosting Job By HuffPost Live President Roy Sekoff (VIDEO)

Kevin is offered a job during on line web interview at Huffington Post

Amusing the way they pulled this off. I don't even know Kevin Smith or about his work -- just that my gson happened to meet him.

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My daughter just found a web site that gives more info about Kevin Smith.

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First I remember him was from Clerks, and Dogma. What a great movie Dogmas was. He played his Silent Bob character. He's an accomplished Actor, Producer, Writer. Some really off the wall stuff at times.

Just in case someone hasn't seen it,
Click to reveal..
Alanis Morissette was God in Dogma, great twist at the end.
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Hey that's cool Kate... a real celebrity !!

Does he ever invite Grandma ? wink