Not just any Sat Nite vid ~

Posted by: Lea

Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 12:18 AM

The compressor in my outside AC unit is totally toast. The fuel pump in my Ford Explorer shorted out.

The weather down here is unnaturally cool. I have a semi-reliable neighbor who can maybe, probably get the car running again.

WTF else can happen? I refuse to consider the possibilities. Iím amazed at how easy it is to live with this shlt. Iím walking two miles and back for groceries. I'm sleeping with the windows up and the dogs in bed . . . Oh, wait. They always sleep with me. Damn, am I ever glad that got to be a habit wink

Anyway, I expect a paycheck will come over the horizon like the GD calvary any day now.

So. In light of one of the worser weeks Iíve had in a long time, I give you a Texas classic.

Damn. Just MFkní Damn.

Heavy Sigh and MuchoLoveLea
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 01:18 AM

What year Ford Explorer?

Here's some YT vids that may help.

I know this is for a Ford F150 but the tip may still apply to an Explorer.
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 01:47 AM

Whoa! Nuc, you and that guy are my heroes tonight. I won't bore y'all with the details unless y'all ask [hint . . . hint . . . ]

I guarantee I'll have my head under the hood tomorrow. Sweet Jesus, gentlemen? Please, and trust me on this ~ Teach your ladies everything you know, because . . . you just never know when they'll need it.

So, any input on replacing the compressor on my AC unit? I'm as serious as a MacBabe in distress can be. High voltage doesn't scare me. Seriously, how hard can this be?

If it helps, I'm not afraid of anything anymore. I'm so fkn' ready to move beyond "woman has to call somebody" syndrome. Classic Case of Very Seriously, y'all.


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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 01:59 AM

Replacing the compressor is no big deal...couple of bolts, but you will need to evac the system to remove any contaminates...a set of A/C recharge hoses...if your old system is R-12 fitted get a conversion kit to R134a...' cause R-12 freon is real hard to find and requires a federal permit. oh and prime the new compressor before you start the vehicle...the oil needs to circulate completely in the system before start up..or you get a knocking compressor.

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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 02:22 AM

God bless! Pirate? Can you separate that advice a little bit? Pretend you're writing "How to replace an AC compressor on the outside unit for a MacBabe dummy."

I'd also appreciate follow up advice on how to fkn' rule my car under the hood.

Gentlemen, start your engines and save this MacBabe. I promise, she's worth it.


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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 02:44 AM

Here is a good video on how to...for face to face help stop by O'Reilly, Auto Zone or NAPA parts store..they will have all the stuff you will need to do the job...and some of the counter people are ASE certified, also get a good manual like Chiltons, one for your vehicle and one for a/c in general lots of photos and step by step info
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 03:02 AM

wait you are replacing your house a/c??thats another story. check for city/county ordinances you may not be able to do it your self but if you can....its like a car compressor only larger...

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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 03:10 AM

I can't help, but I'm on the sidelines cheering.
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 11:11 AM

Gawdbless ya,. Darlin'. If 'twere me, my fix would be to curl up in the fetal position and just wail! shocked
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 12:55 PM

I'm cheering for ya too......and I totally agree about women knowing this stuff. That conversation has been had here recently.
I just worry that I'm too old to learn it at this point.

Been dealing with medical folks who are in charge of my Moms care in the Assisted Living facility. I'm ready to pull my hair out! I keep wondering too, who will be there to fight for me when I reach that stage. *sigh*
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 03:01 PM

Actually I am not that well versed as a mechanic. But these days I know that I can find the best price on auto parts online and then, with some help from a decent YT vid.. I can do it myself.
When the company I worked for went out of business 3 years ago.. I found myself almost immediately needing a brake job on my 06' Dodge Ram. Disc brakes. The last time I did brakes it was drums, I had never done discs. I found sporty slotted and drilled discs and high end ceramic pads on Ebay and had them shipped from Cali to Ft. Lauderdale for $240. Great price! With $25.00 in brake cleaner and caliper paint I fixed them myself. I decided while I was in there I was going to paint the calipers fire red like you see on sportier cars these days.
Still looking nice and red.
I will say that I ignore puddles, being in a truck with large tires... and I think I had warped one of the discs... I got a wobble braking at high speeds. I don't believe in turning discs at the garage... so I just redid them all 2 months ago. They probably would last some peeps longer... but the truck is heavy and I do a ton of stop n go here in the Miami area.
(see what I just did with the "heavy" and "ton")?? smile
I recently cleaned several sensors on the truck with some cleaner from the auto store... via a video ala YT.
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 03:57 PM

Sorry, can't help with any of that repair stuff.
BUT, sure has hell can wish you well.
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Re: Not just any Sat Nite vid ~ - 04/14/13 04:07 PM

I've replaced everything on cars from headlights to engines and transmissions, but one thing I will not do ever again is AC. It's too tricky.

The slightest bit of dirt in the system and the expansion valves malfunction. If the system is partially discharged I'd recharge the freon or puron, but once they are totally drained and have holes they get moisture and dirt in the system and pretty much need to be rebuilt. IMO when that happens spend the little bit extra I've found and take it to someone that specializes in it, or someone you are confident can rebuild a clean system.