Payback may be a bitch...

Posted by: steveg

Payback may be a bitch... - 04/10/13 08:18 PM

But Comeback is a suhweet thang! grin

From Feb 12 through last August, I was creating branding and a multi-channel marketing campaign and website for a multi-purpose real estate development overlooking downtown dayton. The contract ran through September. In June they hired a new CFO who kept bitching that I was too expensive and he wanted to break the contract. So we agreed to terminate the gig a month early. They had to pay September's retainer, and I offered to finish up the work. They were sour grapes and declined. No problem and sayonara.

So who called this afternoon? shocked You betcha! They're about to break ground on the condos and need to start the pre-construction marketing. They interviewed a half dozen Dayton agencies, and then decided they wanted me back! Meeting is tomorrow afternoon, and we're gonna make sure we agree on a budget and scope and the CFO is gonna have to sign the contract along with the COO. I LOVE when that happens! laugh

Oh, and speaking of reversals... the deal is back on with the Benz. Bringing it to my mechanic Friday to make sure it's sound.

Whew... what an afternoon! eek
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 12:41 AM

Sweet. cool

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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 02:24 AM

DaaaM ! you're on a roll... think you could get gun legislation through Congress while your at it ? wink

oh yeah.... and Since you're the new "Comeback kid"... beware women in blue dresses ! laugh
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 02:30 AM

Your clients suck.

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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 03:46 AM

Buy a lottery ticket just to top it off.
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 10:39 AM

Glad it is all working out for you Steve.
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 11:07 AM

This when I get that be careful what you ask for pang. eek

A few weeks ago I answered an RFP from the regional transit authority for a TV campaign and made the short list. The creative presentation is this AM. At the same time, I answered RFPs from the Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau and a local CyberKnife cancer treatment center. Those decisions are coming next week. Plus a large Cincinnati document storage and management company that I pitched in January just scheduled a briefing for next week to kick of the first of several projects.

This is the insanity of freelancing. You have to do a constant rain dance, and then be able to swim when the flash floods come! shocked
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 11:27 AM

Yeah.. you worry that you can't get it all done in time for everyone.. then when it's slow, you worry when the next job will come.
I would never go back willingly to a salaried job working for someone else, but there is something to be said about having weekends totally free and being able to sleeep at night. smile eek
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 12:13 PM

Those are luxuries I rarely saw even when I worked for "the man." But that's just the way I'm wired. Kinda like the way a shark has to keep swimming or suffocate, I gotta stay busy.
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 01:16 PM

Whoa Steve! You're on a roll now. Well at least until your next downtime, that is. Did you remember to sound all cool and nonchalant on the phone as if you knew all the time, they'd get back to you? laugh

Yeah, as a freelancer, you can never be fully content with your work situation. Currently I'm treaching a course on web publishing (basically html&css and the best practices in web design, plus some usability principles) to second-year graphic design students at the uni, and I have website project ongoing, two prospects I'm trying to pull in and no freaking time to go skiing during the week!!! And this is the last month of the season, when the weather is at its awesomest and snow is soft. And having enough time for my hobbies and doing them when it best suits me is one huge reason I don't miss working for the man. Ironic.

I should be happy, I guess, though, as summer is coming in fast. Last summer I had about three months off. Yeah, it always sounds good right up until I get to the part where I say there was no cash coming in for three months...and what if I get a gig or three for the summer? Well, all that is time I can't be focusing on mountain biking or fishing. Shucks.
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 02:11 PM

Originally Posted By: Leslie
Buy a lottery ticket just to top it off.

Get your lottery ticket in tax on lottery get it all...woman just won 40 million in Canada..gets the entire thing and no
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/11/13 04:16 PM

Just back from the transit pitch. I've been doing this long enough to know how to read a room pretty accurately. The clients' body language; the questions they ask (if they're interested enough to have any); little hints that they don't even know they're dropping... can tell you if you've stepped in sh!t or a bed of roses. I'm smelling roses big time.

Now they still have two more presentations to see tomorrow, and either one of those (or the previous showings) could blow me out of the water. But me no think so, Kimosabe. I know the kind of work most of the other agencies here do, and I'm not worried.

Next week will reveal if I've got egg all over my face, or sunny side up with four strips of bacon. cool
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/12/13 08:59 PM

I think they're going to need 2 dozen eggs Steve...

for all the clients in the room that rejected you last time... i.e. lots of egg on faces, but not yours, "man with silver bullets" ! whistle
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/12/13 09:26 PM

Hey, I give the guy credit for eating a little crow and making the call. And he laid a ton of work on me yesterday and agreed to the estimate.

But wait, there's more! This startup was just referred to me, and I'm meeting with them week after next. What a cool-ass product they've got.
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/13/13 12:51 AM

Congrats. It'll keep you out of trouble. cool

Now break something for me. grin
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Re: Payback may be a bitch... - 04/13/13 01:25 AM

Cool, does it come with one of those new certified football helmet? wink

Oh I can see kids (up to age 35) eating that up !! Man, advertisement should be a cakewalk !! whistle


Congrats !!