New Bike Time!

Posted by: Biggerfoot

New Bike Time! - 04/06/13 11:39 PM

I finally decided to retire my twenty year old mountain bike that has seen better days (and was made in the USA!).

I am not an avid bicyclist but I am fortunate to live right on a rural road bike route. During the summer, more bikes are on my road than cars. It makes it nice for a bike ride after work not having to load the bike up and head to a pathway.

I ended up with a Diamondback Trace Sport. Being tall, it was nice to find an extra large frame fairly cheap but I still had to extend the stem. Overall, it seems to be a pretty decent non-box store bike. It has disc brakes too.

Posted by: Pirate

Re: New Bike Time! - 04/07/13 02:01 PM

Cool bike, disc brakes are nice..better stopping power than the old coaster brakes or the rubber bad against the rim brakes
Posted by: steveg

Re: New Bike Time! - 04/07/13 02:52 PM

Nice ride.

I am sooooo thinking a/b getting back on a bike after an eight year hiatus. Probably a hybrid or just a half-decent road bike, but with rally bars instead of drops, and maybe a rack. Something I can use for a commuter as well as recreation (my racing days are long over).

I often regret selling the rocket that Peter Mooney built for me back in the day. cry

Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: New Bike Time! - 04/07/13 03:28 PM

My new one is a hybrid. I was used to the bigger tires on a mountain bike but I do not see myself going off-road (unless by accident!). I like the riding position on this one.

You have some really nice bike paths in your area that allows for some great long rides. I am mostly just around country roads.

I am hooked on Steep and Cheap and Chain Love for cheap deals for updating my biking and camping is habit forming!
Posted by: steveg

Re: New Bike Time! - 04/07/13 04:32 PM

I never did do bike paths. Strictly open roads (the hillier the better), and there are enough of those here. I also used to have Fisher Hoo Koo Ee Koo, and that was my winter bike and for off-road early Spring training on fire roads and logging trails. I ran very aggressive knobbies for off road, and mounted semi-slicks for the occasional commute.

One thing for sure, I won't try to have the same gearing I had on my Mooney. The rear was a Campy Super Record 8-speed racing cassette a "corn cob" with a straight 12-19 tooth cluster and the front was a 42/53 chainring set. My legs hurt just thinking a/b that ratio. eek I think now, a 13-23 and 42/52 is a/b as much as I could handle.
Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: New Bike Time! - 04/07/13 07:00 PM

Wow, you were really into bicycling.

You would probably appreciate what I happened into while I was in Utah last August...managed to even get a water bottle in action. This was near Park City...talking about hills! It was a significant race come to find out.

Posted by: steveg

Re: New Bike Time! - 04/07/13 07:05 PM

You may have run into the Chalk Creek Road Race. I'm pretty sure it's in late summer, and a pretty big race.
Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: New Bike Time! - 04/07/13 07:31 PM

It was the Tour of Utah...this was from Stage 6