RIP Roger

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RIP Roger - 04/04/13 07:51 PM

Roger Ebert... Thumbs up to you for all of your reviews...
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/04/13 08:00 PM

Just read yesterday that he was taking some time off due to the cancer's reappearance. Bummer. frown
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/04/13 08:29 PM

Ah, Man!

That is truly sad.

I liked his reviews .

That cancer is a nasty bastard

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Re: RIP Roger - 04/04/13 08:40 PM

Ahhh.. who can ever forget Siskel and Ebert arguing? Some thought it was for the show.. but it was real.
Watch as one calls the other an [censored].

But some of it was more light hearted bantering...

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Re: RIP Roger - 04/04/13 09:06 PM

A fairly in-depth article here..

Seems he momentarily dated Oprah...
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/04/13 09:35 PM

Came across my phone as a news blurb ! Bummer... I always liked them both.
We'll miss you Roger !! frown
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/04/13 10:21 PM

13 Things Roger Ebert Said Better Than Anybody Else
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/04/13 10:50 PM

I still remember watching Sneak Previews on PBS as a kid.
We couldn't believe they would air a show about critics watching movies.
My family and I were instantly hooked, and we couldn't wait for the next episode.
From that humble beginning, Siskel & Ebert created an empire.
RIP Mr. Ebert.
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/05/13 12:11 AM

I saw a segment on the National News (I think NBC) about Roger. I didn't realize his serious facial deformity after his cancer treatment. That was SO sad ! He didn't look like the Roger we know. Man I feel even worse now about his passing... he was such a great guy who didn't deserve that "C crap" !! frown frown
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/05/13 01:06 AM

Roger And Chaz Ebert's Beautiful Marriage, In His Words
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Re: RIP Roger - 04/05/13 04:16 PM