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Anniversary! - 03/31/13 02:55 AM

The Lost Weekend
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Re: Anniversary! - 03/31/13 11:53 AM

Oh good grief! shocked
Whew! What a mess. Empty beer cans all over the place. Potato chips in the couch cushions. Is that someone's bra floating in the pool? And who the heck is that curled up in the corner over their? Wake him up and send him home in a cab. Sheesh, a regular toga party!

So, I'm looking at the last two days of silliness here. Much of it starts me laughing again. Some of it is, shall we say, sophomoric? Some of it it downright crude. There's a few political statements here, some inflammatory stuff over there. And what's all this talk about a mosaic? Wait a sec, I think I even see a line or two about Macintosh computers! Wow!, we're all over the map. But there does seem to be a common denominator here. Look close. Closer... See it? Yep. Everyone is having a good time!

But then, the thunder of hoofs, a cloud of dust, and a mighty "Hiyo Silvesterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" It's the Lone Stranger! (Ok, so it's only Barney Fife and that big 6-shooter is a little too shaky. And he's brought his posse including Opie, the little kid with the foul mouth.) And they're p!ssed, cause us "internet thugs" and sorry losers have besmirched and sullied the town of MacGulch. Title-chasing: 30 days in the pokey. Post-padding: 10 days of shoveling the stable floor down at the livery. Thread hi-jacking: string 'em up no questions asked! Not talking Mac: scalped, staked out in the sun covered with honey, and left for the red ants!!!

Harsh indeed. And kind of unfortunate.

Y'know, fellas. We did lose a little control over the weekend. But did we harm anyone? Damage property? Slander Apple Computer? Cause anyone's death? I think not. Apparently we did offend a few sensibilities, though. So in those cases, mia culpa. Some of you accused us rabble-rousers of diminishing MC's credibility of possibly chasing off new members. In fact, we have picked up a few newbies these past few days, and we have answered their technical questions while showing them that they can find as much fun as knowledge here. But then you guys storm in with guns blazing, self-righteousness and admonishments a-plenty, insults and foul language (crayz, that doesn't further your point one bit, nor is it a sign of manhood), and a clear disdain for anyone with a sense of humor. Now you tell me what's really gonna turn off first-time visitors?

Try to remember that the Mac was born of rebellion and creative freedom. The development team flew a Jolly Roger over the building they were working in. The whole promise of the Mac was and still is about breaking out of the grey flannel prison and enjoying your computer. So lighten up a bit, guys. The world is coming apart at the seams these days, and we engaged in a little foolish escapism. Alec made the point that if you're that offended by our admittedly silly antics, take it up with Jim D. If he feels we over-did it, it's up to him to tell us. Let him discontinue the titles. Who cares. They're petty and unnecessary. We are all members, period. And MikeS, for you to preach that you're the only one to have achieved your title without post-padding only shows that you take the titles far more seriously than any of us. Get off it! Life is too short for all this pontification and bickering.

Tell you what: Why don't we all just start the week as if nothing ever happened. We promise to keep our shorts on if you guys promise not to get your's in a bunch. We're sorry if any of you were that annoyed, but we're not sorry that we had a great time. If you all can live with that, then lets all shake hands and get back to all things Mac.