Shot blocker

Posted by: MrB

Shot blocker - 03/26/13 03:41 AM

I like basketball. I like the "bigs". It comes from watching Wilt play for KU then into the pros. From watching Bill Russell for the Celtics.

Well KU's big guy this year, and last, is 7 foot , Jeff Withey. It took a couple years playing back up but his junior year, he established himself as a shot blocking fool. This year he has continued. He broke the Big 12 record for carreer block shots this year. (Alas they didn't keep track of Wilts )

This year, Withey doesn't have the most in the nation, I think he is third, but it's hs style that sets him apart. Most big guys, when they lock, they think its a whacking contest, sending the ball into the stratosphere. Not Withey, when he blocks,he just intercepts the ball, keeping it in play. In fact, it's not unusual for him to block, then get the rebound, toss it out to a guard for a transition bucket. Exciting to see him work. Also , he may have a coupe blocks in one play.

If he doesn't get the block, he will intimidate the player, changing the shot.

He was selected Big twelve defensive player of the year this year.

He scores consistently around 14-15 PTs . With double digit rebounds.

Exciting to watch.

Here are some highlights. Alas, most are his dunks at first, with the blocks later