Got to be one of the last

Posted by: lanovami

Got to be one of the last - 03/19/13 02:52 PM

Though I was the first person I knew to own an iPod back in the day, I never took the plunge for an iPhone cuz it didn't seem as cool when everyone had them. However, the battery on my old cellphone was about completely kaput - I went to get a newer model on the cheap and the guy behind the counter, nice but pushy, didn't want to let me out of there without an iPhone in my hand. I acquiesced and settled for one of the last iPhone 4S's in stock because I always love saving a little money. So much for keeping up with the Tanaka's.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Got to be one of the last - 03/19/13 04:25 PM

I resisted the smartphone push as long as I could. But, like you, my regular ol' dumb phone finally shat the bed a few months ago, and I was eligible for upgrade pricing. Got a 4s and have been quite happy with it. I've installed a handful of apps that actually add a bit of value and functionality/purpose, and will probably be content to use this one 'til it craps out. My daughter is upgrade eligible in July, and then she'll get one. A 5 if the 4s is no longer available. The Tanakas and the Schwartzstiens can have their latest and greatest. I'm happy with whatever works.
Posted by: MrB

Re: Got to be one of the last - 03/19/13 10:54 PM

Back in Feb 2011, I had an Epson R1900 printer that I returned to Microcenter in KCarea. They treated me so well, that I went directly the Apple store and got first gen iPhone 4. This, coincidently was the first day that they were available in Verizon anyway.

I like it. Best phone I've ever had. I was never into cell phones but this has been good to me.