Holy Jesse James!!

Posted by: MrB

Holy Jesse James!! - 03/07/13 05:31 AM


An attempted bank robbery, complete with car chase and shoot out with cops, today, Wednesday, in a town just 25 mile from me.

Kincaid Kansas is an old town. Very , very small. I believe it only has about three businesses, give or take a couple, including the bank. Not only that, but there are no other towns much bigger than it for 40 miles.

Glad no one got hurt and the robbery was aborted.

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Re: Holy Jesse James!! - 03/07/13 02:21 PM

Good that no one was hurt...interesting comments from the local residents
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Re: Holy Jesse James!! - 03/08/13 01:52 AM

No kidding just bad shots on both sides.

I can see that little very rural bank would be an easy target - IMO it also means that the little rural bank (does NOT) have much money in the drawers. Now big city bank might collect thousands of nice cold cash in one hour.
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Re: Holy Jesse James!! - 03/08/13 06:59 AM

I impress enough to say Kincaid is very small with only 122 pop in 2010. It doesn't have a gas station. It did have neat cafe but not sure it's open now. Other than the bank and the post office, I'm not sure it has any other businesses. No police.

One road though the town, a mile west the highway splits into west and south. East it doesn't. That's the way the crooks went.

In August they have a great county fair. A huge festival compared to the size of the town.

It does have a rich history going back to before the civil war I spect. So the people want to keep their town.