ATM card hacked

Posted by: MrB

ATM card hacked - 03/05/13 10:17 PM

Yesterday, I went through ATM. Was told " card not valid"

Never had that before. So checked again today to same result. I went my bank. I was told that spry card was used to purchase item at Target store in New York. Since I live a piece from ny , my bank refused it.....Yeh Yeh.
Then they invalidated my card. They tried to call me but I had changed phone numbers a couple years ago and not thought to inform them.

So will get a new card in a week or so.

Yeh for my bank. Interesting is that I've never used my debit card for internment purchases.

Posted by: lanovami

Re: ATM card hacked - 03/05/13 11:17 PM

It's good that they try. Several years back I knew my flight was going to be late getting in to make a transfer. An old friend was driving to meet me at the airport - a good 3 hour drive - and I would not be there for him to pick up. I tried to call him from the airplane phone they used to have in the back of seats (which ended up not being in time and he had to stay over night in Des Moines). A day later I tried to use my credit card, but this "suspicious activity" on the airplane got it blocked. It took longer than expected to get it activated again, but I appreciated the diligence.
Posted by: steveg

Re: ATM card hacked - 03/06/13 12:28 PM

There are virtually endless ways to hack debit and credit cards high and low tech. My business debit card was hacked a year and a half ago. The charge, which was small, was reversed and a new card was issued. But it is a lousy feeling when it happens and you don't have to use a card on the intertubes to be vulnerable. Security and anti-fraud measures by banks and issuers vary from paper thin to annoyingly robust.

Amex used to drive me nuts. In NYC, MetroCard machines are among the top favorites of card fraudsters. Every 2nd or 3rd time I'd use my Amex card to buy a pass, I'd be denied and would have to go topside to call Amex and assure them that it was me attempting to buy a MetroCard, and then wait 10 minutes for the block to be removed so I could buy my pass and be on my way.
Posted by: MrB

Re: ATM card hacked - 03/06/13 02:26 PM

When I bought my 60" HDTV last summer, my card holder, Household Bank, blocked it until I called them. The average amount I charge was under $100 so this got a flag. Annoyed me at first but then I realized itwas a good thing.

I just wish they would have been more diligent in the money laundering situation that cooked their goose. Now that Capital One took them over , I'm not sure I will be served as well.

Posted by: steveg

Re: ATM card hacked - 03/06/13 02:51 PM

CapOne will do better by you than HSBC. I've got two cards with CapOne (one personal and on Spark/business) and I've enjoyed the relationship. And I, too, have an HSBC card, which will become a CapOne issue later this year. At that time, I'll be able to consolidate the migrated HSBC card and the CapOne personal card and eliminate one piece of plastic.
Posted by: garyW

Re: ATM card hacked - 03/06/13 04:28 PM

Back in December my wife's purse was stolen from behind the counter at the small retail store she works, and within 15 minutes I was on the phone cancelling two Visa debit cards. Debit cards require a pin number right to use them, right? Wrong. By the time the cards were canceled, could not have been more than 30 minutes that the cards were in the thief's hands, they were able to fill up at the gas station, buy $50 of stuff at the CircleK and coffee at Starbucks. All of our cards cancelled the week before Christmas that was inconveinient.

That was actually the most fortunate and least expensive part of the situation. Also stolen in the purse were a set of keys. We had to re-key our house and our PO Box. The doors to the store too. The cost to re-key our car (remote key, ignition, 2 doors and trunk) would have been over $1500 so if the thief decides they wants our car too it's their's to take. At least if it's stolen we have insurance for that. bleh!
Posted by: DLC

Re: ATM card hacked - 03/06/13 08:32 PM

What was the last thing you bought with the card before it was denied ?? Someone there might be the culprit... then again that's not a sure thing either.

I still haven't figured out why Steve was buying a NYC Metro card from Dayton !
That's a long damm commute !! wink
he, he , he
Posted by: carp

Re: ATM card hacked - 03/07/13 01:48 AM

Another way but not a hack - is what I call (double tapping) . I had this happen a number of times.

At a store you swipe your card but the cashier says it did not go through , please swipe again . Later you find out you been double charged . SO now when ever I have to double swipe I check my account the same day.

On line bill paying - snafu.
I pay about 300 bucks with on line payment , I then get an email confirmation . 3 days later I check my account only to find I was double tapped - I called the bank they said to (late) they paid the bills , wtf ?