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MrB - 03/04/13 10:37 PM

Here's one for you.

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Thats to funny and here I thought it was only the US that had those problems laugh
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LOL Parents go stick your 'ED in a billabong !! laugh
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That is wonderful. So funny!

But, every year we had parent teacher conferences, I came home with a positive attitude, as I had some great visits with parents.

I think of the Mexican parents, where both parents might come, they might both be illegal , bringing a third child to translate for their student. They might be very concerned that their chid is not doing what he could be. Or to hear me praise the effort of their child.

I've had some great kids over the years. Way more great kids then loser kids.

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HA!!! File that under So I said... In my head, that is. cool
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Love it.