Posted by: Leslie

hotmail - 02/21/13 09:35 PM

OS X is 10.2.8

Mail will send but not receive emails from this account.

port is 995 using ssl

There are no odd junk mail filters.

These are settings for my hotmail account.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Reboot

Re: hotmail - 02/21/13 10:20 PM

Looks like a temporary outage.

Might have something to do with this. Hotmail is going bye bye. You'll be able to keep your address though.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: hotmail - 02/21/13 10:22 PM

MS is moving all Hotmail accounts to They are killing Hotmail.

Ding-dong, Hotmail's dead: All accounts switching to by summer
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: hotmail - 02/21/13 10:24 PM

From the devil itself:

From Hotmail to Your email, upgraded.
Posted by: Leslie

Re: hotmail - 02/21/13 10:38 PM

You people rock.
Thanks a bunch.
Posted by: Nana

Re: hotmail - 02/22/13 04:44 AM

Originally Posted By: Leslie
OS X is 10.2.8

Isn't that a beta os?
Posted by: Leslie

Re: hotmail - 02/22/13 06:11 AM

I'm not sure.
I see it says it is a supplemental update.