New Scam: AT&T

Posted by: steveg

New Scam: AT&T - 02/20/13 08:19 PM

Coincidence. Right about the same time I usually get my statement email from AT&T, I get one informing me that my new balance is $742.95! Looks convincing enough at first glance to cause me to choke. Except that the salutation is "Esteemed Customer"; the account number is all wrong; the actual reply to address is anything but AT&T; it was sent to my business email instead of my personal addy; and the link previews in Mail open Google search pages. crazy

Of course I go to my account page and confirm that my real balance is the usual $130+.

No biggie. I called AT&T and let 'em know about the scam. Also had several UPS and FedEx scams a month or two ago. But now it looks like all the spam filter upgrades that Network Solutions did last year have been foiled again. Damn! mad
Posted by: Pirate

Re: New Scam: AT&T - 02/21/13 01:51 AM

I still think the best spam is sliced medium thick and fried with scrambled eggs....or put on a cheese toast.. spam and pineapple is not too shabby either