Sat Nite Vid

Posted by: Lea

Sat Nite Vid - 02/10/13 03:19 AM

Lovin' Lyle is just too easy. We have lots of treasures down here, but he's my personal favorite. That he dumped what's her name* way back? Yeah, he's totally our hero. Hell, he's got too much class to tell Lance to find a real pair of balls. wink

It's been a long time, so forgive me if y'all already know this one, but it's worth doubling down on.

*Julie Roberts? Julia Roberto? All I can remember is that she was really pretty, but she couldn't act her way out of a jewelry box. Just sayin' . . . laugh

Posted by: Leslie

Re: Sat Nite Vid - 02/10/13 03:58 AM

Always happy when you drop in.
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Sat Nite Vid - 02/10/13 03:29 PM

Lyle has always been one of my favorites...use to give him as much air time as I could...don't think my listeners ever got what I was doing...played a lot of
Texas their style, them and K D Lang...dang I miss real radio...where the station has a real person DJ'ing rather than a network feed comming in from somewhere else...we had some freedom back then to play what we felt at the time...back in the 60's a good DJ could make or break a record by playing or not...good old days..gone