Grandma lunch

Posted by: carp

Grandma lunch - 02/10/13 03:05 AM

Thursday I took my mother , my Gal , my daughter , to bad Kai was in school otherwise there would have been 4 generations at one table.

Lunch was at a trendy Japanese restaurant located in the building I work in. Doraku Sushi

Any tips on the iPhone lousy blurry photos ?

Posted by: Leslie

Re: Grandma lunch - 02/10/13 03:57 AM

If it's anything like the ipad, it likes direct light.
Posted by: Leslie

Re: Grandma lunch - 02/10/13 03:57 AM

Oh yeah, and it likes to be held in place for a second or two to focus before taking the shot.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Grandma lunch - 02/10/13 03:59 AM

Hold the camera steadier? grin

Was it kind of dark and needed a flash? Doesn't really look like that.

You can try using HDR if your phone does it. It will save both versions, you can keep whichever one looks best by going to your photos.

Go to Settings/Photos and Camera, scroll down to Keep Normal Photo for the option to choose to keep both versions. I've found sometimes I like the Normal better than HDR. Usually the HDR is better though.

Posted by: carp

Re: Grandma lunch - 02/10/13 04:43 AM

Thanks to all.

Yeah that blur is a bitch. Really I tried everything from holding the phone tight. I gave up thinking well it is a shiity camera to begin with.

Anyway I thought that there might be a miracle , 3rd party software solution ? ?
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Grandma lunch - 02/10/13 05:50 AM

Forget the photos!
Forget the family!
Posted by: carp

Re: Grandma lunch - 02/12/13 01:56 AM

Food is fantastic and the presentation is superb . I normally don't like Japanese restaurants because they are to pricey for what they serve . For example I used to go to Kabuki Japanese restaurant , their shrimp tempura is 20 bucks and you only get 3 pieces. <-- yiiikes. Doraku however the same 3 pieces are 15 bucks -> so a little more reasonable.

Plus Doraku gives me 50% off the entire tab , now thats the price range I like laugh