Really Russia????

Posted by: NucleusG4

Really Russia???? - 02/09/13 12:27 PM

$51B for the 2014 Olympics?
That's just nuts.,2858111.story
Posted by: steveg

Re: Really Russia???? - 02/09/13 01:05 PM

They need the Mittster! And they can keep him, too.
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Really Russia???? - 02/09/13 02:46 PM

Lot of dollars...heck I could live the rest of my life on 1% of that..and still have some left over
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Really Russia???? - 02/09/13 03:59 PM

I'd settle for .1%. Heck, even .01%.
Posted by: carp

Re: Really Russia???? - 02/09/13 04:20 PM

Reports of massive corruption in the awarding of construction contracts and mistreatment of migrant workers from Central Asia

Who would have known laugh
Posted by: DLC

Re: Really Russia???? - 02/11/13 11:44 PM

Originally Posted By: steveg
They need the Mittster! And they can keep him, too.

You mean Romyorkockoff ? wink

And while you're at it we have a few others (only 1 or 200) that need to join his entourage' !! grin

Actually the cost of the Olympics is $1 B, the other $50 B is to pay off the Russian Mafia !! eek