Monster Storm?

Posted by: Mike

Monster Storm? - 02/07/13 04:31 PM

It looks like our friends in Boston and New York will be hit by a powerful winter storm.
According to our weather people here (who got all excited!) a monster blizzard will dump over thirty inches or more of snow on the area.
Goodness, we're experiencing Spring-like weather here!
Posted by: MrB

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/07/13 06:39 PM

I hope they can stay safe!

It's spring here in SE Kansas also
Posted by: Nana

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/07/13 07:34 PM

By Saturday morning we're suppose to get 4-7" of snow. The good news *to date* is that the snow is suppose to be mixed with rain. The bad news: Saturday afternoon I have to pick up my grandson from the airport. eek

In the voice of Florida from Good Times, DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!!!!!
Posted by: DLC

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/07/13 07:54 PM

We are too; it was in low 70s today and nice and sunny !!

BTW Boston and NYC don't go looking for help in the US House if it turns into a catastrophe ! You're on your own ! eek

Posted by: Pirate

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/07/13 10:40 PM

Spring like weather for me too...warm today with some much needed rain, nice all next week
Posted by: garyW

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/08/13 12:27 AM

Posted by: Pirate

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/08/13 06:29 AM

I absolutely love the is what the local weather people should put up all the time..honest forecast
Posted by: DLC

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/08/13 05:36 PM

Well that's because God is punishing them for being pinky, commie, socialists pigs !! wink
Posted by: steveg

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 07:07 AM

Just got off the phone with Daughter #1. She lives in a suburb a/b 15 min west of downtown Boston. She said they still have power, even though her neighborhood tends to go dark if someone hiccups. shocked

Can't get out the front door because the snow has drifted above the upper storm door pane, and she can see a mound in the driveway that she's pretty sure is her car! eek

She works at Home Depot and told me that the idiot store manager decided to stay open 'til 9 last night! Hullooooo... Gov. Patrick ordered all cars off the roads by mid-day yesterday. Did this yutz think customers would be walking to the store during the storm to schlepp snow blowers or rock salt or generators home on their f'n backs? Bonehead! mad
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 07:10 AM

Use to work for a company like that...corp offices said stay open we stayed iced in the store several times ....gotta make that buck
Posted by: carp

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 08:37 AM

Me too work for a shiit for brains, who stayed open during a approaching hurricane - he finally got the message when NO customers showed up . So we all had to drive home home in hurricane winds. Dumb arse.
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 08:44 AM

Yep... a-hole company kept me several times till last minute... driving home down 95 dodging debris and junk flying around in heavy winds as the hurricane bore down on us. Get home and have to do last minute prep .....
Posted by: steveg

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 09:40 AM

I guess the a-hole gene is quite common.
Posted by: MrB

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 12:08 PM

Great map. ,

Posted by: Nana

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 12:47 PM

Just a dusting in my hood w/65mph winds. I felt like Dorothy. My poor grandchild who is not use to cold weather or the winds. As soon as we left the airport, the wind knocked his 6'1" ass to the ground. Good thing his suitcase cushioned his fall. laugh

He was very disappointed when he didn't see any snow. The coating had all melted when we got to N.J.
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/09/13 03:31 PM

When given lemons I make lemonaide.....its time for

Snow Ice Cream
Posted by: steveg

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/10/13 04:38 AM

When you say lemons and snow in the same sentence, I think of yellow snow. Good luck with that! eek
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Monster Storm? - 02/10/13 07:34 AM

Still spring like here, woke up early this AM to a huge thunder storm...first one in my new high rise...thunder sounded so loud
lightning was extra bright