Banana slicer

Posted by: MrB

Banana slicer - 02/02/13 07:49 PM

Amazon is all a buzzed with funky reviews for this and similar branded slicer.

But, tho I love a good joke and even more so , bad jokes, one might need a serious review of the product. (Me, ever the cynic). I suppose the thought is that this item is so superficial that it needs no reviews. And it's cheap. But still even $3 thrown away is money wasted.

I sometimes want smaller slices. This item requires a cutting board or other flat surface which is still another device to wash. The blades appear to be rather thick so might mush a soft banana .

I wonder how many of these are actually purchased by the reviewers.

Posted by: Reboot

Re: Banana slicer - 02/02/13 08:22 PM

That's one of those "I'd never buy it but wish I'd thought of it" things. I'm sure they sell because of the wow factor. Funny "reviews" and customer images too.

Yep, I prefer the old school manual technique, and it all depends on what thickness I'm in the mood for that day. Product in left hand, knife in right, thumb on top as the cutting board. Lick the thumb and rinse the knife when done. Make sure you get the last part right. grin
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Re: Banana slicer - 02/03/13 01:46 AM

Remember Ron Popel who made a ton of money from his inventions, chopamatics, picket fisherman..etc..someone is buying this stuff
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Re: Banana slicer - 02/03/13 04:34 AM

Remember that spray for balding spots on the head. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing ever. Suppose to spray on the thin spots on your head to thcken the hair I guess.

Popeil got his start grifting folks at county then state fairs. Then went on TV. On TV he'd has a fake audience and can make different cuts .

For years I watched his "uncle" demonstrated those cheap knives by first cutting into a hammer then using the same knife to sliced a tomato. Then I figured it out. When cutting into the hammer he uses the part of the blade near the hilt and then for the tomato, he uses the part near the tip. Clever.

Posted by: DLC

Re: Banana slicer - 02/03/13 05:35 AM

I wouldn't buy THAT !!

heard it was patented by Lorena Bobbitt !! eek

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Re: Banana slicer - 02/03/13 11:59 AM

An old friend and colleague of mine used to be a producer for a film/video company in LA, and worked on the original "spray-on hair" infomercial. She told me that he was without a doubt one of the nicest men she'd ever met or worked with. "A true gentleman and a real mensch" she called him.

BUT... she totally lost it during the taping. Had to fake a coughing fit to cover her uncontrollable laughter, and get the hell off the set as fast as she could! laugh
Posted by: carp

Re: Banana slicer - 02/03/13 05:41 PM

He's been using an old slinky to slice his banana's. He should really enjoy this product!

Now thats improvising LOL
Posted by: MrB

Re: Banana slicer - 02/03/13 10:59 PM

I was watching one of the shopping channels where he was to perform. The cameras and mic were on just before "showtime" (pun intended) and before he was all set up. He was ordering folks around pretty rudely IMO

But I'm a major cynic on all infomercials. They remind me f political speeches . As in both, you know that they aren't telling you everything and your job is to discern what that is.