Surfs up

Posted by: carp

Surfs up - 02/01/13 08:04 PM

Well in Portugal

Garrett McNamara: Surfer Breaks Record Riding 100-Foot Wave

It takes many (insane) people to make the world an interesting place laugh
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Surfs up - 02/01/13 09:03 PM

Only surfin' we get around here is when the local sewer treatment plant lets out the water at the same time everyday...creates a neat little wave all the way down the creek...for 500 feet or so
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Surfs up - 02/02/13 12:10 AM

Pshaw... you can ride a 100-foot wave if you stand next to a toilet in a mexican restaurant on 50 burrito night.
Posted by: DLC

Re: Surfs up - 02/02/13 12:36 AM

Speakin' of that... the DJ on XM radio this AM had 2 Maxine comic strips about the Super Bowl.

1. "Super Bowl" to Maxine was a snack bowl large enough to share with her dog and not run out before the game ended !

2. "Super Bowl" to Maxine was a self cleaning toilet ! wink