RIP, Ed.

Posted by: steveg

RIP, Ed. - 02/01/13 12:32 PM

Ed Koch. A beloved character and a damned good mayor. For my first year in NYC ('98), I used to ride the elevator to my office with him almost every day. Another chronic early riser, we'd take the same car at 7:30AM, and he was a hoot to chat with! His office was just a few floors below mine at 1290 6th Ave. smile

So long, Ed. It was an honor to know you, if ever so briefly.
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Re: RIP, Ed. - 02/02/13 02:27 AM

That's too bad. He was refreshingly candid for a politician.
Posted by: musicalmarv7

Re: RIP, Ed. - 02/02/13 10:06 AM

Known as Mr. New York he was an icon in his time as mayor.RIP ED Koch.Your memory will live forever.
Posted by: DLC

Re: RIP, Ed. - 02/03/13 05:37 AM

Yep Sad, he was a great guy and human being !! Funny too !