New player in the phone market

Posted by: carp

New player in the phone market - 02/01/13 01:19 AM

Five Reviews Of The BlackBerry Z10

Still a little to early to tell?

It seems right out of the gate , its a plugged horse.
Now if Black Berry can respond fast enough to customer concerns , then maybe they can regain the BB faithful and I mean respond really really fast and not take a year to fix (out of the gate issues). Then maybe they have a chance to stay in the play.
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Re: New player in the phone market - 02/01/13 01:57 AM

Heard a financial analysis today and BB screwed up. Even IF it is good... having to wait 2 months to get a "killer". They should have had the announcement when you could go to the store and get one immediately. I think it's too little too late.

BTW Jobs was right... no hard keyboard on this model. They Are going to release one with a keyboard but only for those that are hooked on a hardwired one and don't want to change. BTW it comes out in APRIL ! WTF are they thinking ?

Oh stock sank another 7% yesterday - didn't look to see what it did today. eek
UpDate: Its down 28% in last 5 days.

Posted by: carp

Re: New player in the phone market - 02/01/13 02:21 AM

Yep your about right.

I have to say before the iPhone - BB had the only smart phone out there or call it half better than a dumb phone . It was the best for its time -> however it was buttt arse bulky ugly and the software was complicated to use.

I tell you it was such a joy (comedy) watching our high power VP's during a meeting using a BB . Way to funny.

My issues with BB;
Way to slow with customer concerns.
Way to slow with model updates <- only time they address minor customer concerns.

Which lead to BB loss of market and like MS as well.
They honestly felt that the iPhone and iPad - means nothing to them.

To big for their own good.