Winter Storm Luna

Posted by: Reboot

Winter Storm Luna - 01/27/13 10:02 PM

I noticed TWC has been naming winter weather. The storm that hit Friday was Khan. Pump up the hype. crazy

Eek, batten down the hatches stock up. laugh

Naming winter storms.
Posted by: carp

Re: Winter StormLuna - 01/27/13 11:10 PM

Humm ? thats interesting.

We know that Hurricanes are pre-named by NOAA - but storms ? ?
Posted by: carp

Re: Winter StormLuna - 01/27/13 11:14 PM

Okay here it is.
Posted by: Pirate

Re: Winter StormLuna - 01/28/13 02:26 AM

A storm named "Q"???? must be some kind of homage to the James Bond movies...
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Winter StormLuna - 01/28/13 02:46 AM

Star Trek TNG?
Posted by: steveg

Re: Winter StormLuna - 01/28/13 12:11 PM

You definitely get more real winter in Columbus than we get in Dayton. Around here, I call it wimpter. and the storms have names like, Meh and Pfffft or Get Real. grin