Treme, on HBO

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Treme, on HBO - 01/27/13 01:23 AM

Anybody watch this? I borrowed S1 and S2 and just finished S1. I'm 2 episodes into S2. Very compelling show, good music. If I knew Jazz better I'm sure I'd recognize more of the musicians. Everything about it is well done. When I heard that it was done by the same two that did The Wire I figured that it would be worth it.

Major Spoiler.
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I was kind of bummed by losing John Goodman. His part and his portrayal were excellent. There's more than enough talent left to carry the show though.

May also be one or two minor spoilers later on in this interview with David Simon. David Simon on Treme, the CIA and Why TV Isnít Journalism

It's too bad well written shows don't make it in the cookie cutter world that is money driven TV. Like he mentions most are one episode in and out, no real story line. Short attention span theatre. It actually says more about society sadly IMO.

It seems that HBO has castrated its 4th season to 5 epidosdes.
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Re: Treme, on HBO - 01/28/13 11:50 PM

Treme is excellent! We got way behind this last season, so we need to catch up (and get the time, too).