World War Z

Posted by: Nana

World War Z - 01/24/13 12:09 AM

My type of movie...blood guts & everything inbetween. Lusting after Brad Pitt helps too!
Posted by: carp

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 01:15 AM

? ? ? ? looks like one of them zombie thingys
Posted by: DLC

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 02:14 AM

I have to admit it looks good !!

We'll see... previews can be deceiving (and the best parts of the movie). But with Pitt, it's probably dead serious.... (pun intended) !! grin
Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 04:44 AM


Uh, . . . I love Brad Pitt!

Posted by: six_of_one

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 05:34 AM

I love the cast. Alas, the trailer does nothing for me. If it really is a zombie movie, I'm out (just never saw the appeal), so I'm hoping it isn't =)
Posted by: steveg

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 11:22 AM

Zombies? Nah... A rare virus turns everyone into fire ants. eek
Posted by: MrB

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 03:07 PM

I'm with you. I will shun this thing like a plague.

I just watched the movie, "Safe" with Jason Stathem. Nothing but a shoot fest from beginning to end . The bad guys, are the Russian mob, the Chinese mob and the corrupt police unit, all blazing away at each other in train stations, hotell lobbies, streets.


Posted by: Pirate

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 03:16 PM

Ever notice how zombies have evolved over the years..take the zombies in the original Night of the Living Dead...slow moving, stiff walking, without much direction...much like a living dead..but now those little suckers move with the speed of lightning and with them run over the bus in the trailer...times sure have changed
Posted by: Nana

Re: World War Z - 01/24/13 07:58 PM

There's a movie out now (can't think of the name) where the zombies have feelings & can think! I do believe they even have a leader! ROTFLMAO
Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: World War Z - 01/25/13 04:07 AM


Just looked it up on IMdb -- not for me:


A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

Posted by: MrB

Re: World War Z - 01/25/13 08:51 AM

They've kinda become super human. I've always wondered, physically, how they could animate. To do that the muscles have to be able to contract which requires electric impulses. This in turn needs body engine to work.

Just doesn't make sense to me.

Similar reasoning goes for vampires.

And fore werewolves, just how can one physically transform so quickly

Shows of this genre just don't interest me at all