VW passat commercial

Posted by: MrB

VW passat commercial - 01/18/13 07:18 AM

So funny


Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: VW passat commercial - 01/18/13 11:34 AM

Heh. That had plenty of comic value, though at least there's some interaction time between Dad and son.

I love the color of that car in the commercial, kind of a midnight blue.

When I was a kid, I knew a guy who had a midnight blue '64 Pontiac Catalina with one of the bigger engines, a 421, I think. Chrome mag-style wheels. Maybe one of you car experts can tell me whether a 421 was available in the Catalina in '64.
Posted by: MrB

Re: VW passat commercial - 01/18/13 03:21 PM

Don't know about the car, but at the very beginning of the commercial, the boy comes running from around the house with the dad asking if he found it. This would have been just after the dad had launched the ball to hell knows where"


Posted by: carp

Re: VW passat commercial - 01/19/13 02:28 AM

I have to hand it to VW they know American values. I mean how many countless dads taught their sons Baseball when they came of age.

For me I don't have a son but believe me as soon as my daughter was old enough , we were outside playing catch laugh