We've been Te'oed

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We've been Te'oed - 01/17/13 01:16 PM


What gets me is that apparently , no news media checked this girl out. Just took Te's word and his father's. a little basic fact checking would have shown up that something wasn't on the up and up.

Expand that to consider what other stories they print and post that are just based on heaesay with no basis for truth.

Sad really


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Re: We've been Te'oed - 01/17/13 03:22 PM

What a tangled--and silly--web!
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Re: We've been Te'oed - 01/17/13 04:17 PM

I hope some civil lawsuits ensue. mad
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Re: We've been Te'oed - 01/17/13 05:43 PM

Dave, the media can't win. If they had checked up on Teos girlfriend... then the comment section would have people saying... Is this what's important? Can't we have real news??
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Re: We've been Te'oed - 01/17/13 05:54 PM

MrB: When you think about it, why would anyone fact-check an article like that? It's a lifestyle/entertainment type article. There's no legit reason that a reporter would hear that story and immediately be concerned that it was fake. For what possible reason would someone fake a story like that?

DLC: A lawsuit against the people behind the hoax is possible I suppose, if they are ever found. But if you're thinking Manti T'eo should be sued, I would ask "for what?" Nobody beside T'eo has been harmed by this whole thing.

If the thought is that he was using this to get Heisman Trophy votes... please, they don't award a Heisman for anything but WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES.

I actually heard some dipshˇt on the radio say he felt like suing because he bet money on Notre Dame in the championship game and believes he was deceived. I'm sitting there listening to this and thinking, what idiot places a bet on a specific team in a football game based on the supposed tragedy of a single player on the team that in no way affects the outcome of the game?

It's no secret that I'm a Notre Dame fan, and I loved watching Manti T'eo play. But I'm waiting to see how this all plays out before making any judgement on it. I don't see what he would have to gain by making this entire thing up himself.
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Re: We've been Te'oed - 01/17/13 10:13 PM

This story came on several times on my news sites before I clicked but interesting read once I did. I do t know how they ever thought they'd get away with it. Even 30 years ago some is eventually going to check for obits. It truly denegrates the memory of his grandmother whom he apparently loved so dearly but not enough that he couldn't use her to fabricate a double tragedy.

I guess the claim is he was duped himself but few are buying it.
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Will be interesting to see how this affects his football future. Just read gizmo's benefit of the doubt post. I think he would have mentioned they'd only met online and not in person, somewhat poignant in itself, if he'd truly thought she had died when he announced it.
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As this story played out on the media, I didn't know whether to be shocked or at the football player who was PUNKED!
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Re: We've been Te'oed - 01/18/13 05:38 AM

I've not seen a Notra Dame game this year except the bcs bowl. I hadn't heard of Te'o until his name came up in the Heisman talk. I don't follow college football much though I do enjoy watching it. This year, KSU had a good team so I was more interested this year. Collin Cline, the KSU quarterback was mentioned in the Hesman talk also. I really didnt give him much chance.

I like good defensive players. I played defense in high school so love a good tackle.

But from what I've read, the candidates start politicking early to get their name in the for front. Though the payers play on the field is prominent , the personal situation factors into it, especially when they are comparing quarterbacks to running backs and more so to defensive backs. That something else gives an edge.

As for its importance, not very. Will it affect his draft placement? If the freaking media play it up it will. Look at all the high jinks the pros get into and have to endure through the media.