Women drivers

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Women drivers - 01/16/13 02:10 AM

JUst kidding MacBabes laugh

From Wall Street Journal - Ya need to subscribe or go to Google News will let you in WSJ without the needed subscription. Anyway WSJ - via- AP , has a very short story but a little more color.

STOCKHOLM—A young woman charged with cleaning a commuter train instead appears to have stolen the empty train from a depot and driven it until it derailed and crashed into a house in a Stockholm suburb, local officials said.

Okay it gets better.

"If you manage to get hold of the key, it isn't particularly difficult to get a train rolling," he said. It isn't any more difficult to stop a train than to start it, he added.

Gets even better - laugh

Incidents involving trains getting seized and crashed into buildings are practically unheard of.

Finally laugh laugh

According to her colleagues at cleaning firm Caretia, the young woman, born in 1990, has been a well-liked coworker, Mr. Hedenius said. "You didn't see this coming," he said.

Oh yeah neither did the resident who lived in that house.