A cowboy at the pearly gates

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A cowboy at the pearly gates - 01/01/13 09:23 PM

A cowboy approached the pearly gates. St Peter asked him if he had ever done anything of merit so he could be let into Heaven

The cowboy replied, "Well, I was up in the mountains in Wyoming, where I come upon a vicious gang of bikers who were harassing this young girl"

"what did you do" asked the Archangel ?

" I went straight up to the biggest, most tattooed one of the bunch. I spitin his face, pulled the earring out of his ear and threw it in the dust and stomped on it. Then I kicked over his bike, sending it over the cliff. I told them to back off or I was going to kick their butts"

St Peter, being impressed asked. " when did this happen?"

Cowboy replied, " About a couple minutes ago"

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Good one!
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Hahahaha! Great joke! laugh