Oh damn!

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Oh damn! - 12/25/12 11:32 AM

We're losing icons way too fast. frown
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Re: Oh damn! - 12/25/12 02:46 PM

A great actor who I greatly enjoyed.

My first recollection of him was in "12 Angry Men."

Saw "The Odd Couple" occasionally on TV.

Watched "Quincy" religiously with Mrs. Stumpy for years. My favorite episode was one where he traced a bunch of people getting sick to a batch of bad relish in a lunch cart outside a factory. laugh

May God rest his soul.
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Re: Oh damn! - 12/25/12 02:50 PM

You can add another great character actor yo the list.

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Re: Oh damn! - 12/25/12 07:57 PM


Charles Durning sitting at the bar in the pub. Dustin Hoffman comes up and sits next to Charles. Chas looks sideways and realizes who it is and tries to ignore him. Dustin puts the engagement ring in front of Chas; Chas gave it Dustin when he was playing a female in Tootsie.

One of my favorite scenes!

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Re: Oh damn! - 12/25/12 09:03 PM

Double dayam! frown