Christmas dinner in Germany

Posted by: Papa

Christmas dinner in Germany - 12/23/12 08:06 PM

My son is living in Germany with his family and they sent me a list of what they are having for Christmas dinner. I will let you look them up but they all sound really good.

Rollbratten- one with ham and cheese and one with broccoli and cheese.
Panna cotta with a vanilla sauce and berries

Sure made my peanut butter and jelly sandwich look really sad.
Posted by: MrB

Re: Christmas dinner in Germany - 12/24/12 01:30 AM

You are going to have a grand time. Give my love to your family.

Posted by: Reboot

Re: Christmas dinner in Germany - 12/24/12 03:51 AM

We'll always miss those that aren't with us, but you are lucky to have close family around. The menu sounds good, whatever it all is. grin I'll look it up, I have great google-fu.

From a different perspective, I haven't had a PBJ in quite a while, it actually sounds really good.

How's the mobility?
Posted by: MrB

Re: Christmas dinner in Germany - 12/24/12 04:35 AM

As I will spend Christmas Day alone and with all the restaurants closed, I purchase my dinner.

Looks likeit will be ham and/or turkey sandwiches and potato salad.

With pumpkin pie for desert

Posted by: Papa

Re: Christmas dinner in Germany - 12/24/12 01:00 PM

The knee is slower to heal this time around but everything is 3 years older than the last time. I actually go back for a checkup this morning and to have the stitches taken out. There is nothing like a trip to the doctor on Christmas Eve to get you in the Christmas spirit. Off to the daughters house later for some movies and homemade stew.

Thanks for asking.