After 36 years

Posted by: MrB

After 36 years - 12/15/12 06:49 PM

I think it might be time. Back in 1976, I had been married just shy of 9 years. We had a daughter of five years and in July we adopted three blonde headed beautiful children all siblings.

Our washer just quit. I went dwn to sears and bought the largest capacity they had. A Kenmore. They have served me very well the last 36 years. I had the timing mechanism replaced on the dryer in early 90's and a belt in early 2000's. the washer has had zip done.

Went in this morning and found a loadof clothes that had been in the washer for some time that appeared not to have been washed. Trying it again, it's not washing .

So think it just might have lived long enough.

Won't be able to get a new one like it I'm afraid.

Any ideas. My priority is washing performance. Not concerned with water or energy efficiency as I don't use my allotted water anyway,

What brand/model to get. I will keep my old dryer as it till wors fine. So top loading would be my choice.

Posted by: yoyo52

Re: After 36 years - 12/15/12 07:17 PM

We've had our Kenmore for 23 years and counting--so maybe another Kenmore?
Posted by: MrB

Re: After 36 years - 12/15/12 10:41 PM

I found a simple machine by Amana that is inexpensive and has great reviews on amazon. I have a local dealer where I bought my fridge a few back and this last month I bought an Amana microwave.

I would want to get it local so they could deliver and dispose.

Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 12:04 AM

My Uncle just got a new dishwasher after 19 years.
Energy efficient.
Took 3 1/2 hours for a full load to wash.
Posted by: Pirate

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 01:20 AM

Kenmore....had several over the years but the best was an old fashioned wringer washer, nothing automatic about it...ran the clothes thru the wringer to get the water out of them, water ran down into a deep sink then out into the yard
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 03:34 AM

Now that's old school! I love it.
Posted by: MrB

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 05:13 AM

What no washboard.?

Back on the farm, mom washed them in that kinda washer then hung them out on a line. In the winter, the clothes would freeze, of course. Then I would fetch them and stack them up right on our back closed in porch to thaw. So cool!

Original freeze dry.

Posted by: yoyo52

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 05:27 AM

We still hang clothes. In summer it takes a couple of hours of solar energy to dry a load, and in winter we put them in the basement, which the furnace keeps bone dry, and it takes an overnight to dry a load. We save a tubfull of bucks that way.
Posted by: MrB

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 06:42 AM

And they smell so much better

Posted by: steveg

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 12:43 PM

Wish I could do that. I asked the condo board if I could put up a clothes line in my back yard. You need board approval for any kind of structure or feature that's within line of site either from the curb or neighboring units. "No." And these are slab buildings, so no basement. Damn!
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Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 02:57 PM

We had to be careful when we hung the cloths on an outside line during cool weather, heated with coal....and sometimes if the wind was just right and the humidity was just right the coal smoke would hang close to the ground and get all over the clean wet cloths...even if the soot didnt stick to the damp cloths the smell did...miss a coal fire too...coal burned nice and hot
Posted by: MrB

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 03:26 PM

Loo, nasty.

Ast to my washer, I tried it again and it seemed to work. Not sure what was going on with it. Just thought that it had served me a long time.

Posted by: steveg

Re: After 36 years - 12/16/12 08:01 PM

Heh. When I lived in Winthrop many years ago, we were just across the bay from Logan Airport and directly under a very active glide path. Tried hanging he laundry on the back porch, only to find it covered with jet fuel soot. sick
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: After 36 years - 12/17/12 12:10 AM

Are you sure it was soot and not . . . well, you know, other "stuff"?
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: After 36 years - 12/17/12 12:35 AM

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning!