Dj prank call

Posted by: MrB

Dj prank call - 12/12/12 05:55 PM

We've been inundated with news bits about the Aussie DJs and their prank call.
First, I feel the young woman was dealing with other issues which contributed to her choice to end her life. I am so sad for her decision.

My point in ths post is about the prank itself and then to the reactions of the two DJs in the aftermath.

Pranks arnt good humor because the prankster does not have control of the consequences. In truth the prankster wants to have the unexpected because, well, that's the point. To show people in distress and their reaction. The more intense the better. That is why I have never played pranks on folks. I don't trust what they might do.
My final point is that these two DJs are first class dung eating come heads.

The video of theirs of their reaction is a great example of second rate acting showin fake remorse.

Especially the dick's. when I first saw him I immediately thought of several of Jimm Carey's off beat acting . Watch the guy, bite his lip then later his lip quivers sowell and finally he turns his head tilts it and bites his knuckle. Man. Right out of Jim Carey's routines. Also saw Whoopi Goldberg do it last night in her film, The Associate.

At least the witch was able to garner up some tears, or maybe she had some pepper hidden in her handkerchief when she dabbed her eyes.

I bet those two had good laughs over their performance.