Woot! New toy!

Posted by: NucleusG4

Woot! New toy! - 12/07/12 07:44 PM

I have 2 Canon EOS 1d Series cameras... but they are from 8 years ago. They have been real champs but I was needing something newer and better.
So.. I like to take my time and look for that "deal".
I found it on Ebay. I just received the camera. Wow! I mean... double wow!
This camera has only 5200 exposures on it and looks pristine. I can only find 1 slight rub mark on it, otherwise it looks like it just came from the factory.
It also came with an OEM battery and a 15' USB cable for tethering... both in addition to all the other "normal" included goodies.

They included their original receipt and they paid $7600 for it.. I paid $2900 plus got the extra battery and cable.
The had 2, the other one only had 10,000 exposures on it. They said they primarily use their MF Sinar camera. I'm guessing the did a couple of weddings or something and then shelved these for all this time.
They wrapped everything up like new with the twistys and packaging.
Christmas done come early!

When I saw the photos on Ebay I got excited, then had that sinking feeling.. you know.. the old saying.. "If it looks to good to be true"...
Plus they only had 15 Ebay sales.. hmmm.
Plus they had 2! pristine cameras from 4-5 years ago for sale..hmmmm.
The photos looked so good for an "older" camera that I had suspicions they were retouched.
So I contacted them and verified they were real photographers with an actual website. That helped allay my suspicions.
Here is the camera.

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Re: Woot! New toy! - 12/07/12 09:10 PM

Oh, that is sweet! I'm drooling

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Re: Woot! New toy! - 12/07/12 10:10 PM

Merry Christmas. cool