new Youtube app works

Posted by: ichi

new Youtube app works - 12/05/12 12:47 AM

new youtube app is nicely laid out. copy links (under: share) to clipboard. AirPlay to atv is back and works. YAY.

all i need now is for them (google) to add a copy-link feature to google docs. ...and i am set.

of course, the original youtube app "worked", 2 apps ago, but i had to switch to Jasmine while waiting for this one. glad to see it.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: new Youtube app works - 12/05/12 01:52 AM

It is laid out much nicer. cool
Posted by: ichi

Re: new Youtube app works - 12/06/12 09:22 AM

if you figure out how to alphabetize vids in a playlist, or anywhere else...let me know!
long time pet peeve. iirc at one time (long long time ago) you could, mb you still can, but beats me.