Question for pirate or Papa

Posted by: MrB

Question for pirate or Papa - 12/02/12 06:09 PM

I'm considering getting an iPad Mini for my daughter who lives in Springfield mo .

Which carrier should I get for her there? AT&T or Verizon's ? Or even sprint

Here in my town in SE ks, I don't get adequate AT&T but Verizon works well for me. When I was in Springfield this summer, my Verizon worked fine.

Posted by: Papa

Re: Question for pirate or Papa - 12/03/12 05:10 AM

I have been using ATT for 6 or 7 years and don't have any complaints about their service in this area. I know a lot of people complain about about customer service but I have not had any bad experiences. I had Alltel before they were purchased by Verizon but I don't have any recent experience with them.
Posted by: MrB

Re: Question for pirate or Papa - 12/03/12 05:14 AM

Thanks, I will go with AT&T. I think she will like the iPad mini. I mean, who wouldn't , if they not had one
Apple says they ship in two weeks so that will work for me

Posted by: Pirate

Re: Question for pirate or Papa - 12/03/12 07:18 AM

Good choice, in my part of the Ozarks AT&T seems to be the best, we had several Verison stores in town, but there is only one now. the coverage maps show AT&T with larger coverage