This is huge...

Posted by: NucleusG4

This is huge... - 12/02/12 11:11 PM

...for SSDs.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: This is huge... - 12/02/12 11:29 PM

Diyam! cool
Posted by: DLC

Re: This is huge... - 12/03/12 12:11 AM

NOW can they do anything for my "cerebral flash memory" ?? blush

smile . . . That's great !!
Posted by: leicaman

Re: This is huge... - 12/03/12 03:57 AM

That's cool. As long as you don't use SSDs for running a shared server in a university math lab you're not likely to wear out good SSDs for a long while. cool
Posted by: steveg

Re: This is huge... - 12/03/12 11:09 AM

What's all this talk about LSDs and flashbacks?

Oh... Never mind.

Posted by: Pirate

Re: This is huge... - 12/03/12 03:19 PM

The colors...look at all the beautiful what a trip
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: This is huge... - 12/04/12 05:17 PM

Whoa!! Duuuuuuuuude!