How to survive a Montana winter

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How to survive a Montana winter - 12/02/12 09:02 PM

From the film "Return to Lonesomedove"

How to survive a Montana winter.

Crawl between two grizzly bear furs an don't come out until spring.

But be sure not to wake up the grizzly bears.

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I like Lonesome Dove sounds like sound advise
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I don't think I've ever watched the sequal "return from Lonesomedove" until this weekend. In several ways I liked it better than the first one.

The travesty of these things is the three later books that McMurty wrote after his huge success in his first book "Lonesomedove" . They were close to awfull and the last one , " streets of Laredo" was awful. I fact so bad that after about forty pages of boredom I quit reading it.

The movie, "Return........" Was so much better at continuing the context of the blockbuster then even McMurty did himself and he had nothing to do with the movie.

In his last book, he killed off several of the key and likable characters in Lonesome between the books. He also hooked up Pea Eye and the whore, Lorena having Lorena become a school marm after being schooled for just a year by Clara. Before she could barely write her name. She marries Pea Eye and they have several kids. Now is that outof character of both them. He kills off Newt, And July between books. Now newt was a neat character, just the actor, Ricky Shoeder should have been killed. But that's not the books fault.

In streets of Laredo, Woodrow Call has lost the ranch in Montana, by bankruptcy because of his mismanagement . Now that's unbelievable . He now is a bounty hunter. Which is really strange, because in the three earlier books he was terrible at pursuing and capturing bad guys. He and Gus spent most of the time running from bad guys or being captured by bad guys. Well, Gus did spend and awful lot of time getting drunk and "poking" the whores. Call never drank and only poked Maggie, Newts mom.

So the Return from Lonesomedove was much aligned with the original even tho it was produced by different folks, I guess, Jon Voight did a great job as Woodrow Call. And Barbra Hershey was a better Clara, IMO.