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A new book - 11/30/12 12:47 AM

I am just starting to read "The Forgotten" by David Balducci. It's the second book in a new series for him which haste lead character, John Puller. It's getting some comments as the character , Jack Reacher of the popular Lee Child.


The characters are very similar much to similar to be coincidence .

One of the reviewers on Amazon considered this then remarked that his deepest concern was that the book would be made into a movie with Tom Cruise as lead.

Cause that's what is happening with one of Lee Childs Reacher books. Which is so stupid. Pick Dwayne Johnson but not that dwarf, Cruise.

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Re: A new book - 11/30/12 03:29 AM


Short guyz and some played real tough characters. I saw the preview with Tom Cruise and have read the books (Jack Reacher of the popular Lee Child). He'll do okay for me.

Robert Downey
Mark Wahlberg
Humphrey Bogart
Alan Ladd

Jason Alexander (5'5")
Woody Allen (5'5")
Ed Asner (5'7")
Sean Astin (5'6")
Richard Attenborough (5'7")
Roberto Benigni (5'5")
Gael Garcia Bernal (5'6½")
Jack Black (5'6")
Mel Brooks (5'7")
LeVar Burton (5'7")
Phil Collins (5'6")
Brian Cox (5'7")
Tom Cruise (5'7")
Billy Crystal (5'7")
Danny DeVito (5')
Richard Dreyfuss (5'5")
Emilio Estevez (5'7")
Peter Falk (5'6")
Michael J. Fox (5'4½")
Al Franken (5'5")
Edward Furlong (5'7")
Seth Green (5'4")
Dustin Hoffman (5'6¾")
Tom Hollander (5'5")
Ian Holm (5'6")
Bob Hoskins (5'6")
D.L. Hughley (5'7")
Peter Jackson (5'6½")
Billy Joel (5'6½")
Elton John (5'7")
Charlie Kaufman (5'4½")
Harvey Keitel (5'7")
Joe Kissell (5'7")
Nathan Lane (5'5")
George Lucas (5'6")
Mike Myers (5'7")
Al Pacino (5'7")
Kevin Pollak (5'5")
Prince (5'2")
Mickey Rooney (5'3")
Tim Roth (5'7")
Wallace Shawn (5'2")
Harry Shearer (5'7")
Martin Sheen (5'7")
Jon Stewart (5'7")
Henry Winkler (5'6")
Elijah Wood (5'6")
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Re: A new book - 11/30/12 05:37 AM

Do you know what you may have unleashed if Greenblatt sees that? wink
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Originally Posted By: drjohn
Do you know what you may have unleashed if Greenblatt sees that? wink
It'll just go over his head. smirk
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A lot of navy SEALS and the like are what I call medium size at 5'10" and 185. This is because of the endurance and maneuvering they need to do. Fighting, I would think is a different story. In the Jack Reacher books, a major part of his description is his size, at 6'5" and 250 with huge fists.

Think of the John Coffee character in the Green Mile. Would it be even close to the same movie if he was played by leVar Burton? No, the played him with Michael Clarke Dunkin who is huge but the shot him to make him even bigger, because his size was part of the plot.

Just like the Jack Reacher character. In one scene in one of his books, he enters a bar where he has to take on six bad guys, who are big and tough. He even describes how he will do it using his size.

Now if it were Tom Cruise doing it, we would all laugh. It would be like his saying, "I faint to the left of the guy on my right, who grabs my leading arm and pins me down and proceeds to beat me senseless , while the other five thugs merely continue to sip their brews and talk about girls"

cruise can play all the characters in the Mission Impossible movie and Robert Downey can play that ridiculous version of Sherlock Holmes but size is not of importance.

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5'7" is short????
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Re: A new book - 11/30/12 07:30 PM

It's all relative. I'm about 5'10" now. Was 5'11". I always considered myself average height. Always thought it funny for a guy who was 6 foot and 185 lbs to be called "big"

Big is 6'2" and say 220 or more.

Not at all meaning to imply that 5'7" guys aren't of value. Size has nothing to do with value. It's not a negative at all.

My good friend and college roomy for three years was about 5"5" and round 150. Good mathematician . Went into the Army and came out Captain after one stint. He married another of my good friends who was about 5"8". They are still together as fr as I know.

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Lee Child was on Turner Classic Movies last night as the special programmer for the evening. He was interesting talking about not thinking about being a writer in the early part of his life.

Back to Tom Cruise and the movie, well it will be interesting to see how believable Tom is in the role. Undoubtedly, many people will see the movie and not have read the book. Personally, it won't matter to me. Then others like yourself may possibly hate his portrayal for being short and/or other reasons.

Speaking of the Green Mile and Levar Burton, I might even have believed him in the role. I didn't read the book. Didn't know he was described as a living Hulk type character. I really get into the fantasy of movies. And, I don't matter if one is "based on actual events" and then takes liberty to make the movie more appealing.

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Re: A new book - 12/08/12 04:21 AM

I understand. And Cruise has been in some good movies. Take one of hs early films which was a film version f a very popular authrof the time. John Grissom's , The Firm.

If you had read the book and ten watched the moivie , you know that the ending was changed drastically . Many times when they do that in a film one can see that it was because of the practicallitty of doing so, but in this case they could have had boks version but chose to fracture it.

It wasn't a bad ending but if one had read the book it rather messed up the mind IMO.

In the Lee Childs case. The movie is based on one of latest of a series of about 14 Jack Reacher books . For a reader of all of these, Reacher brings to each book the same appreciable qualities. So to have these qualities changed for the film messes us up. It's like we would feel if after 13 books , Child would suddenly change Reacher himself for the next book.

If it was a one off book that wouldn't be so bad.