What a finish . Maui invitational

Posted by: MrB

What a finish . Maui invitational - 11/19/12 11:14 PM


I had just tuned in to the last 13 seconds of the Marquette/Butler game. Marquette leads 70-67 with Butler ball along their side.

They get it in under a swarm of Marquette defense to get two points

Marquette - 70. butler - 69

Marquette puts itin play under Butlers basket. Of course he's immediately fouled.

9.4 sec

Marquette gets the first free throw

Marquette - 71. Butler -69

Butler rebounds and gets it to Rodney Clarke, who dribbles with two Marquette guards tight on him. He turns to his right holding off the Marquette guard with his left hand fires on the move with his right.

6 feet beyond the arc. Three points with just 1.2 seconds left.

Final: Butler -72. Marquette -71