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Ambivalence - 04/20/02 06:52 PM

Still haven't decided if I'm a MacCentral refugee. I'm a MacCentral Outathere, but I'm not sure that the whole forum debacle hasn't cured me of the forum habit altogether.<br><br>I've been thinking about it very seriously the last coupla days. While it's nice to think that the environs here are so very welcoming (and they are) and it's nice to see that with the old friends who have journeyed over are also new potential friends. But I'm also finding myself feeling very ambivalent about the forum dynamic itself.<br><br>Just a little backtrack here, and some info for MacMinute folks who have no idea who I am (not that I suggest you should care who I am). Just a few weeks ago, after a couple thousand posts on MacCentral, I fled the scene because of the rising hostility I felt was overtaking the forums. After a flurry of private messages, I was lured back with accompanying melodrama (and serious regret by at least one person, who sent me the following PM: "Just stay the f**k away, a**h*le."). <br><br>At first, despite the PM above, it felt good to be back. I participated with renewed vigor in a variety of discussions, both Mac-related and and not. For the record, my own OT-to-Mac posts were probably 5-to-1, and I know from other PMs I received that I inspired some serious ire with my OT tendencies. I also participated enthusiastically in the MacCentral Mosaic project, signed up for the MacCentral Folding@Home Team, etc.<br><br>Then the latest debacle happened, and I was left with the feeling What was the point in coming back? And further, what's the point altogether? I've fled other forums in the past, though none to which I had committed so much time and so much of myself, and it was always because the dynamic inevitably degrades, over time, to hostility, back-biting, imperiousness, etc.<br><br>I think the situation over at MacCentral has been very seriously mismanaged by Jim Dalrymple, (yes, it's not an enviable position, but Jim buckled to the bullies and subsequently only took baby-steps back) The landscape left in the wake of all this is tentative, anxious, unpleasant, strained. Supposedly a compromise has been reached, but it strikes me as the kind of compromise made with guns pointed at everyone's head.<br><br>So here I am, a refugee yet again, regretting the time I spent posting there, regretting the time I spent on my Mosaic tile. I'm seriously considering withdrawing my tile altogether on the grounds that I have such bad feelings about MacCentral that I don't care to have my artwork associated with it. The only thing that's holding me back is the respect I feel for those who organized the project and the fact that the proceeds are going to a worthy cause. But the name "MacCentral" itself is tainted for me now, and thus the project has lost its luster as well.<br><br>And, while I can pick up stakes and move to this new home, I'm left wondering if I really want to go through this all again? How long before someone else comes along and pitches a fit about the trivial? How long before the flame wars over nothing begin? How long before the hostile PMs arrive here telling me that I'm a despicable person, I don't deserve to be a father, etc?<br><br>I mean, who needs it?<br><br>
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Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 07:21 PM

Bukk I don't know what to say<br>Who ever that sickoid is,that sent you that PM is the type yhat is not needed at MC or surely not this one.<br>I have always enjoyed you posts and you have never ending sence of humor.<br>That is a quailty and added to the MC spirit which has gone way down hill .<br>I still will go there from time to time but even now MC does not seem a comfortable place to be for me as well.<br>So all I can say is<br>[color:red]Welcome Fellow Refugee</font color=red> <br><br>This could be da place
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Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 07:24 PM

i am in a similar boat. i have left, yet still care about the mosaic and feel awkward about it being MC and all. oh well, i can't wait to see it.<br><br>bukk, i would certainly love to have you stay here and continue to post. i am going to be taking a break later today and much of next week to go and defend my dissertation and complete my doctorate (whahoo). i have two 12 hour drives ahead of me and figure to do a lot of thinking. i am also considering the value of such boards. honestly, i think i already know that this is more likely the place for me. i have too hard of feelings to return to the MC site right now. i was very much a person who rarely started my own off-topic posts (i responded to other people's) and never posted about titles or to increase my number of posts.<br><br>oops...daughter calling me...will finish la<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
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Why Let The Rustlers Drive You Off The Land? - 04/20/02 07:38 PM

The point is, you obviously have a desire to communicate your thoughts. I don't believe you can stifle it for very long. And I certainly don't believe it is anyone's right to stifle your voice.<br><br>Stay here, if you feel uncomfortable at MacCentral. And to use that nasty new cliche, don't let them silence you because if you do, the terrorists have won.<br><br>A brief, nasty story. In the early days of MacCentral, while Stan was still running the place, a certain poster developed a real hate-on for me. Eventually, he started spoofing my name, which was easy using the old forum software, and wrote detestable posts under my name. The worst of these implied I was a child molester. Stan quickly reacted and got the idiot thrown off (and reported him to his ISP). But the point is, none of this was going to force me to leave. If you do decide to leave someplace, try to do it on your own terms, not someone else's.<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't need no steenkin' signature!</font color=red>
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Good luck on the dissertation! - 04/20/02 07:40 PM

And chase down that little girl. (They can be so quick, can't they?)<br><br>
Posted by: polymerase

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 07:43 PM

Bukk,<br>As another who always enjoyed your posts I hope you land up here. Your posts are the only ones I can't read in the lab because once I sprayed coffee all over my LCD.<br>At MC I enjoyed virtually all of the posters, even the ones I completely dissagree with because they knew how to argue a point. The few that could not argue without personal attacks on each post should have been warned and either gone or changed their ways. They should not have been put up with. All of the arguing about OT trivial posts seemed ludicrous when slurs were allowed with impunity.<br>What if everyone wanders over here and the head honchos have a backbone and don't allow obscene personal attacks?<br>I think that would be cool.<br>Hopefully the locals will put up with us. I do feel like an invading army ... of ants ... yeah really beig army ants that can carry off small children and powerbooks. And wait these ants have smelly furry hats with horns ... run for your lives.<br><br>
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Well, you know, my sweetie hunts ants... - 04/20/02 07:47 PM

And please accept my humble apologies about the LCD. Even as I type, I am simultaneously creating a coupon for a free package of KlearScreen wipes that will look good enough for you to pawn off on the part time 17-year-old clerk that works every other Thursday at OfficeMax! Enjoy!<br><br>
Posted by: Swatcat

Hunts ants... - 04/20/02 07:52 PM

Ok it's all your fault<br>I have ants in the bathroom I sprayed this morning and started laughing thinking about My Sweetie<br>any more help and tips?<br><br>This could be da place
Posted by: NotTheOnly1

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 07:54 PM

I know the last days could make you forget the value of such boards, but I for one enjoy the community of minds and spirits. You Bukk are an excellent such contributor. I've found it nice to have a place where it's okay to talk about almost anything that's on your mind, versus real life, which is far more restrictive than MC could ever dream of being.<br><br>True, passion for forums may sound silly to an outsider, who might- like William Shatner on SNL- tell you to get a life. But we all have lives, and virtual friends aren't any less real than physical people you might meet but have nothing in common with.<br><br>Relax, chill. There are homes for you all over the place. All I know is that this happens to be one of them.<br><br>Peace,<br><br>NTO1<br><br>I'm sorry, but I must be staying..
Posted by: steveg

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 07:56 PM

Bukk, you bring up some interesting points, and in your usual articulate and passionate style. But it also points out something that, when you step back far enough to see the whole forrest, proves that all this gnashing of teeth really needs to stop. For our collective mental health. <br><br>When you compare this soap opera let's call it "As The Stomach Turns" to what matters in the real world and in our offline lives, you realize that we have all had our guts tied in knots over something incredibly trivial. Not to diminish the quality of all the people here or their contributions, but how important is all this? We all have lives, families, events. And real difficulties to deal with (witness iRock's mom). Yet the wrist-wringing continues over the comparatively unimportant actions of a few equally and comparatively unimportant people. These forums are supposed to be a form a recreation. Some folks play touch football, some water-ski, and some of us go online and seek out these electronic water-coolers. This isn't or shouldn't be the focal point of our lives, yet many are acting as if it is! What's worse, we've dragged our discontent into someone else's living room. Not only have we swarmed MM like bees seeking honey (bless you Stan for smiling graciously through the invasion), we've done it in an embarrassingly cranky way. For the "townies" here at MM, it must have felt like "Attack of the Malcontents".<br><br>I'm not gonna debate whether Jim did a bad thing or not. Nor am I giving up on MC just yet. But I can tell you that I'm glad to be here, too. And I, for one, do not wish to drag the MM population into the muck that is currently flooding the basement at MC. This is a happy place. Let's be considerate enough to keep it that way.<br>-30-<br><br>
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Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 08:00 PM

Yeah whoever that idiot was that sent you that PM must be a total jerk. What nerve! I'd be down that person's throat in a second. That is truly inexcusable behavior, sorry to hear about that.<br><br>
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I hear what yer sayin', Pardner - 04/20/02 08:01 PM

...which is partly why I came back after my first intentional absence.<br><br>I guess the latest round finally got to me. I know I was no perfect citizen -- showed my fangs on more than a few occasions. But I was certainly trying to be more civil even to those with the most ire and nastiness toward me, and it seemed like it was for nothing.<br><br>Now, in looking at the MC forums this morning, it looks like a weird mixture of people walking on eggshells and smarmy crows congratulating themselves on how clever they are.<br><br>The eggshell-walk may temper itself with time, but how long before the hostility rises again? If the rustlers want it, more power to them. Let them poison each other with their venom, but keep me out of it.<br><br>
Posted by: snag

Re: Why Let The Rustlers Drive You Off The Land? - 04/20/02 08:02 PM

John it sure it great to have your clarity of thought around. I've learned quite a few lessons from you over the years and i'm sure this one won't be the last.<br><br>
Posted by: snag

Re: Hunts ants... - 04/20/02 08:07 PM

hehe, i get those nasty ant vermin from time to time but i've resolved to welcome lots of spiders into my home to take care of the critters. <br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Well, sweetie would tell ya... - 04/20/02 08:07 PM track them to their homes and DESTROY! She's practically to the point of capturing the ant scouts and putting little radio collars on them, then releasing them to lead her back to their Foul Queen of the Underdirt!<br><br>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 08:11 PM

I know nothing about the debacle at MC (annd I guess I'm glad about that--I had my experience of disaster with MacNN), but I do know about writing and defending dissertations. Way to go, Sean, and lots and lots of good luck!!<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
Posted by: ChrisN

Hi Bukk - 04/20/02 08:14 PM

That's a shame Bukk, but it says more about the mentality of the person sending the message than anything about you.<br><br>FWIW I like reading what you write. You seem like a real fun guy. (Not a fungi) :-)<br><br>What does the song say? <br>Go where ya wanna go, do what ya wanna do... (can't even remember what song that is)<br><br>Don't really know what I'm doing about all this stuff either. Probably my usual fade in for a while, fade out for a while, maybe here, maybe there... There are still some good people like you hanging out at both places.<br><br>Chris<br><br>[color:blue]Be obscure clearly.</font color=blue> <br>[color:green]- E.B. White</font color=green>
Posted by: sross

Re: Ambivalence? - 04/20/02 08:15 PM

I am here. <br>Like you, I feel a little awkward. I will still check out the MC forums and contribute from time to time. <br>My biggest reason for the jump was the nasty and personal attacks by a few immature people.I made my peace a couple of weeks ago when I decided to stay away from the GD because of political, insensitive and totally innapropriate posts. I know, I didn't have to read them. It's just that I HAVE to be aware of and participate in whatever community I am in. That community became one that I just couldn't relate to. Fortunately, I had the option to opt out, unlike my home community where I have to participate as an elected official.<br>I hope the good sense of humor people prevail along with the tolerant people to overcome the nasty and cruel jerks who have seen fit to spew their vitriol on the world..<br>For those of you who have been here for some time: Thanks for the welcome and be assured that we are coming for altruistic reasons and, hopefully will be an asset. After all, it is all about Macs anyway, isn't it?<br><br>
Posted by: snag

Re: Well, sweetie would tell ya... - 04/20/02 08:16 PM

Sounds as if she should start a business. Sweetie's Anti-Ant Annihilation Service <br><br>
Posted by: Swatcat

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 08:18 PM

Glad you made it over Here<br><br>This could be da place
Posted by: ChrisN

The Days Of Whine & Trollses - 04/20/02 08:20 PM

That was an ugly episode but you handled it well. If I remember correctly the same troll spoofed Joe C. too. Some of those times were uglier than what is going on now, but it all sorted out. This too shall pass...<br><br>Chris<br><br>[color:blue]Be obscure clearly.</font color=blue> <br>[color:green]- E.B. White</font color=green>
Posted by: snag

Re: The Days Of Whine & Trollses - 04/20/02 08:58 PM

(in my best Tony Bennett voice)<br><br>The days of Whine and Trollses<br>Curse and run away<br>they can't make me stay<br>Through the ill-thought plans<br>there stands an open door<br>a door marked "nevermore"<br>spawned by colossal bore<br><br>The homely blight exposes<br>Just a passing sleeze<br>Filled with nauseous heaves<br>And disgusted frowns that induce me to<br>Forget the Whine and Trollses and<br>Blues<br><br>
Posted by: ChrisN

Re: The Days Of Whine & Trollses - 04/20/02 09:25 PM

LOL, I like it! Especially, "just a passing sleeze / filled with nauseous heaves" Has a real ring to it.<br><br>Good one snag.<br><br>Chris<br><br><br><br>[color:blue]Be obscure clearly.</font color=blue> <br>[color:green]- E.B. White</font color=green>
Posted by: Mississauga

Bukk, my friend! - 04/20/02 10:08 PM

I'm staying here and there - I like both.<br><br>Here is "fresh" for many of us - no sins to be regretful about, not yet. <br><br>There is "memories" - and we all need good ones, so I'll make more.<br><br>I KNOW lots of us will continue in both places. I hope you will too!<br><br>[color:red]Alec</font color=red>
Posted by: steveg

Re: Bukk, my friend! - 04/20/02 10:12 PM

That's my plan. Got 3 tabs open in 'Zilla. Here, MC Lounge and MC GD. Gotta check out the other forums here, too. Trying to remain as neutral as possible a/b the whole thing.<br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 10:21 PM

Sorry to hear about your nasty PM. I have had a very nasty experience myself which shook me for weeks but I got over it and stuck it out. I understand your thinking towards MC but I've decided I'm not completely writing them off just yet. Personally, I don't like Jim's tone of voice. It's like he is saying okay you can talk about macs in the lounge but don't dare have fun. I'm in the process of completing my tile. I recieved it Thursday night in the thick of things. At that point I wasn't sure I wanted to be involved but I knuckeled down and have it almost complete. I focused on the fact that the proceeds were going to charity and I also thought of the original intent. To have a group of individuals get together and have fun. Forget the MC title and just remember all of us who have worked hard to bring the Mosaic together. <br><br><br><br>
Posted by: Shooshie

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 11:31 PM

Not much time to write, I'm busy with that mosaic tile, and it's really going slow. It took me forever to get the proper look on a dolphin, and even now I'm not happy with with it, and it is only a tiny part of the whole!!! <br><br>But I wanted to comment. (when haven't I?) First of all, it makes no sense to plan the future of your forum activities right now. We're all out-of-sorts, out-of-place, and it just feels bad. Nobody likes that feeling. Right now, if you were to ask me, I'd say I'm not coming back much. But here I am, and I couldn't resist commenting, right?<br><br>SteveG said that this is incredibly trivial, and it is on one level, but I don't consider my relationship with any one of you trivial. I've been doing this since 1988, and I've made many lifelong friends over the Net who have become more than virtual acquaintances. I have many good friends from college who are now nothing BUT virtual acquaintances, because I never would see them otherwise. <br><br>Yes, there is plenty to be said for flesh-and-blood, brick-and-mortar experience, but tales of old include many a romance that lasted a lifetime through nothing but secret messages spirited out of a country by private messenger two or three times a year. Tristan & Isolde, Eloise & Abelard... the stuff of tragedy and triumph. So don't sell the virtual experience short. The only thing trival about this is that we have had to displace something from our lives over the behaviors of some immature people, and possibly some mature ones as well just exercising momentary bad judgment. <br><br>I believe the virtual communties made possible by the internet have not replaced our lives, but have expanded them. I have no fewer friends now in my brick & mortar experience than I would have without the internet. Instead, I have a group of friends and colleagues who participate in something truly new in history. We don't know what to make of it sometimes, but we feel our way as we go, and we just use the same judgement that we've always used in life. <br><br>Who among us has not in anger said "I won't be back?" But we always come back, because this is not a tv. It's a real place with real people who offer us something in return for our concern. I've found solace in people even here who took the time to console me when I was in dire straits. What's so "virtual" about that? <br><br>So, plan to plan as you go. Tomorrow you may not want to be here. The next day you may. No reason to wonder what your position is on this for the rest of your life. Just do it. I've gone away from MacCentral for as much as three months. Come back and it's as if I never left. <br><br>Lasruk, you're a rock; a foundation here. I'm not alone in looking to you as a model of community behavior. You always say what you think; peer pressure does not sway you. You know how to behave, and I've always appreciated your presence. <br><br>SRoss, I hope my political dislike of the current administration does not distress you. I'm not exactly a liberal. Far too many liberal issues are just not my own, besides, I don't believe in the linear continuum between "conservative and liberal." But I sure have major problems with the guy in office, and I do like to talk about it here because I consider it my moral duty to speak up on such issues. This is a community, after all. <br><br>But, for Bukk and everyone, as much as we all enjoy each other's commentary and fun, the nice thing about a virtual community is that you just don't have to be a part of it when you don't want to. It's that simple... just don't open this page. Boy, if only the real world had such an analogue!<br><br>Where you guys go, I'll go, because as I've said before, we're the forum, not the software, though we certainly appreciate those who work to keep the software open for hosting discussion. It's a mutual benefit. <br><br><br>Shooshie<br><br><br>-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<br><br><br><br><br>Shooshie's Stuff
Posted by: MachOne

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 11:33 PM

Bukk, this response is purely selfish. I've enjoyed reading your posts and have laughed till I cried over many of them. What made the GD experience so good for me was finding those nuggets in amongst the dross - that dross being added to by me as well on an almost daily basis - and I feel that this small part of my life has been richened immeasurably by the small treasures I found there.<br><br>I'm flabbergasted to hear of the personal attacks through the PM system. What jerks. I'm also amazed that JD didn't can the offender(s) immediately.<br><br>However, I just wanted you to know that there are a number of people whose contributions I admired and enjoyed, and I'm pleased to say your contributions were an absolute highlight.<br><br>If you choose to pack this in, this on-line community will be the worse for it. And I for one will miss you greatly.<br><br>Sincerely,<br>M1.<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: six_of_one

Well howdy! - 04/20/02 11:40 PM

I was wondering when (if?) you'd show-up!<br><br>Glad to see you over here with the rest of us peaceniks - beginning to feel a lot more like home now ...<br><br>=)<br><br>***matt<br><br>
Posted by: NotTheOnly1

Shooshie is a big part of my forum - 04/20/02 11:42 PM

Welcome friend! I've got to go see a Bette Davis film on the big screen! So psyched!<br><br>I'm sorry, but I must be staying..
Posted by: steveg

Re: Ambivalence - 04/20/02 11:56 PM

I'm not trivializing the relationships, Shooshie. If I felt that way, I wouldn't have shown up on the doorstep here last night (lounge sign and all). But I do feel that the postmortems need to fade away. If we're all friends here part of a community then the bs shouldn't matter. The location doesn't matter. And Bukk knows as well as the rest of us that he's above the unfortunate, classless comments directed at him. All I'm saying is let's get past the tension of the past few days and enjoy each other's company, and the hospitality of our newly-found hang-out.<br>Capice? <br><br>
Posted by: OSXaddict

Re: Shooshie is a big part of my forum - 04/20/02 11:56 PM

You guys are definately welcome here..just have to get used to reading tons of posts again! LOL<br><br>BTW, we have a GreenAnt here..don't squish him!!<br><br>
Posted by: snag

Re: The Days Of Whine & Trollses - 04/21/02 12:01 AM

hehe<br>Glad you like it! I only perform it for special occasions LOL<br><br>
Posted by: polymerase

I'm only bummed. - 04/21/02 12:22 AM

Wow, the only thing I'm bummed* about is Shooshie and you describing how much work you're putting into your mosaic tile. I got mine in the first few days and it came in while I was drinking a little wine and it was out the door two hours later. My other excuse is I haven't done anything in Photoshop except for some nice poster titles and a few circles and arrows.<br>Take this all as a whiny string of excuses for my pathetic tile which may look like two tapeworms writhing in a sea of ... well you get the picture.<br>My only solice is that 1/35 can't drag the whole thing down. Right?<br>Let's hope it works out that Shooshie's dolphins are leaping to eat the tapeworms.<br><br>*Kidding about my angst. I have angst about why the Bruins could lose on Thursday and I don't even follow hockey.<br><br>Shooshie, glad you lost the hat. It looked good but it made me itchy just looking at it. What if you had turned quickly? Poke someones eye out with those things.<br><br>Paul Morrison ... truth should never get in the way of a good story
Posted by: SlapLeather

Know what really chafes me? - 04/21/02 12:30 AM

Boxers made of Brilo pads...<br><br>got to let your eyes adjust<br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: I'm only bummed. - 04/21/02 12:34 AM

Hey, I had lots of time to come up with several plans depending what I had to work with. I had made about a dozen sketches so it was just a matter of applying those ideas to my tile.<br><br>Mine is far from perfect. I'm not a graphics pro and computer art had been limited to a few squiggles on the page prior to this. I won't laugh at yours if you don't laugh at mine. Deal?<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: polymerase

Re: Yeeeeeooooow - 04/21/02 12:35 AM

I ususally don't come back with one liners but, LOL, yeeeoouch!<br><br>Not just a little steel wool but you have to add that purple soap. <br><br>Ow.<br><br>Paul Morrison ... truth should never get in the way of a good story
Posted by: polymerase

Re: I'm only bummed. - 04/21/02 12:38 AM

[SHAKE] Deal! [/SHAKE]<br><br>Paul Morrison ... truth should never get in the way of a good story
Posted by: MacBozo

Hi, folks! - 04/21/02 12:46 AM

Looks like it's old home week here! As for me, I'll visit MC and here now.<br>Had to fix the pic file URL.<br> <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by MacBozo on 04/20/02 08:52 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
Posted by: Swatcat

Re: Hi, folks! - 04/21/02 12:52 AM

Welcome Fellow Refugee <br>Glad you came No distant thunder here<br><br>This could be da place
Posted by: MacBozo

Picture test - 04/21/02 12:58 AM

My typing still stinks!<br><br>
Posted by: steveg

Re: Hi, folks! - 04/21/02 01:03 AM

Grab a chair and a brew, MB. Good to have you here. <br><br>
Posted by: MacBozo

Why, thank you! - 04/21/02 01:10 AM

It's kinda like having another place next door to the other place. Speaking of beer; I should go buy some. <br><br>
Posted by: carp

MacBozo - 04/21/02 01:10 AM

Well mine to but it Stinks better.LOL<br><br>
Posted by: Terry11

Re: Ambivalence - 04/21/02 01:12 AM

Bukk... I could hardly believe what I was reading regarding personal attacks via PMs. You and I had an exchange of word not that long ago... and I hope everyone understands that the entire exchange took place in the forum with no PMs or emails involved. We found mutual ground and parted friends in the end... the way it should be.<br><br>I had no idea you were being attacked unbeknown to the rest of us... pitiful indeed.<br><br>As most of you know, I don't hesitate to voice my opinion (popular or not) when I feel the urge. I also contribute a lot of help whenever I am capable. I may not be the most popular kid on the block... but I enjoy pitching in and being involve (to whatever degree) with the Mac community we've formed over the last several years.<br><br>Anyway... sorry to hear you were having such a rough time with a few undesirable types. (don't know what else to call them... in a nice way) <br><br>Once again... peace!<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Ambivalence - 04/21/02 01:46 AM

Terry,<br><br>You are a good man among many (and many women too, of course). Our exchange was open, frank, and included just a little misunderstanding of intent between two people of, I believe, real integrity. I respect and honor that, and you.<br><br>All my best,<br>Bukk<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Off On A Tangent - 04/21/02 03:19 AM

Aw, ya made me think about old Jack Lemmon. I miss him.<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't need no steenkin' signature!</font color=red>
Posted by: Anonymous

I'm blushing... - 04/21/02 03:21 AM

...and I also have made no final decisions about anything. <br><br>Trying to figure out why this all has me so worked up. It seems childish, even from the inside, and I'm rather confused about why I feel this way. On the one hand, Steve's right -- it's trivial. It's just an online forum. On the other, it seems bizarrely important. Who was it today that said they had a cryie feeling in their eyes? Geez, me too. What the hell is going on?!<br><br>Very weird.<br><br>And good to see you, too!<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Why, Thank You, Snagglepuss! - 04/21/02 03:21 AM

*snif, snif*<br><br>Now I'm all choked up. Or maybe it was that last fig I ate...<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't need no steenkin' signature!</font color=red>
Posted by: iRock

Hey you Bukk - 04/21/02 05:16 AM

Don't you forget the fun we all shared putting that Mosaic together before everything hit the fan. It still stands for comraderie since the troublemakers really had nothing to do with it. Remember the admiration of your buddies here has to more than offset the nasty messages you received. Sorry you had to go through that. Please don't drop off the face of the earth because if we hand sign You and I have a date and I have been thrilled at the thought to meet another list member especially one bonded in tile borders.(Do I get the award for longest run-on sentence, eh?) Ok I'm tired I'm going to eat and go to bed so I can get some rest. My mom is not out of the woods yet, they took the oxygen off and her blood pressure dropped but went back up when they put it back on. She has lived with 2 faulty valves for a number of years and they are letting her heart slow almost to stopping & they don't know why but she is out of ICU and conscious although confused. But Thanks loads for the well wishes you all don't know how much comfort it is. Any way Bukk give us a chance.<br>Nitey nite<br><br>Cheers, iRock
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Re: Hey you Bukk - 04/21/02 08:35 AM

Gosh, iRock. I really feel for what you're going through. I've been through it with my father and my father-in-law. My father made it (last October), but my father in law didn't (1994). It's a numb experience, isn't it? You think the world should be crumbling, but it seems to be going on as usual, including your distressed loved-one, just with hospitals and doctors and wires and tubes and things that aren't normally there. They're looking right back at you and yet you both know that there's just a fine line... It's just too much to think about. <br><br>Good luck. God bless. I hope she gets whatever treatment she needs to get out of there and live till she's 100. I guess it's never the right time. Reminds me of this poem by Frost:<br><br>I have been one acquainted with the night.<br>I have walked out in rain--and back in rain.<br>I have outwalked the furthest city light.<br><br>I have looked down the saddest city lane.<br>I have passed by the watchman on his beat<br>And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.<br><br>I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet<br>When far away an interrupted cry<br>Came over houses from another street,<br><br>But not to call me back or say good-by;<br>And further still at an unearthly height<br>One luminary clock against the sky<br><br>Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.<br>I have been one acquainted with the night.<br><br>Robert Frost<br><br><br>-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<br><br><br>Shooshie<br><br><br><br>Shooshie's Stuff
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Re: Hey you Bukk - 04/21/02 09:21 AM

Well said Shoosh...and still thinking about you iRock.<br><br>M1.<br><br>
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Re: Shooshie is a big part of my forum - 04/21/02 09:38 AM

Hi there,<br>thanks for the welcome. GreenAnts are Bukk's Sweety's domain. The rest of us are harmless. If you feel like a good larf, let us know and we'll post the "ant" thread for you. I'm sure you'd get a kick outta it.<br><br> It's great to be here. <br><br>
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Re: Hey you Bukk - 04/21/02 01:29 PM

Like I would forego a chance to visit Longview!<br><br>My emotions are still bouncing all over the map, but that only suggests that I am, in fact, totally insane.<br><br>Still, I actually made a Mosaic related post at MacC mere moments ago. I'm looking forward to our signing party, Rock.<br><br>Meanwhile, know that the good vibes for your mom continue to emanate. Sweetie and I were talking about MacC, etc. last night, and your mom came up. "Perspective" was a great title for your post about it, because, as Sweetie mentioned, it helps us remember the things that are really important in all this. The good vibes are coming from both of us. (Plus, the cat and the dog!)<br><br>