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MacCentral - 04/20/02 10:40 AM

I'm feeling awkward about this whole situation, I can't get comfortable! All of this going back and forth between MacCentral's General Discussion, and Member's Lounge, then going to MacMinute's Member's Lounge- is boggling my mind. I even have a crying sensation in my eyes. I don't know about you guys, but it's too chaotic for me. I feel house broken. I wanna go home. That is, assuming that home is back to normal. I'm hoping and praying that Jim will bring back our old format.<br><br>
Posted by: MachOne

Re: MacSomething (Shhhhh) - 04/20/02 10:59 AM

There's an old Latvian, maybe it was a Greek saying...uh, no I think it might have been an ancient Las Vegas saying that goes something like this...<br><br>"You can never go home again."<br><br>I have absolutely no idea what that means. If you ever figure it out, let me know. In the meantime, don't settle anyplace. Just visit hither and yon and the whole thing will drop into place for you. Or not.<br><br>As Shooshie often says, it's the ones you don't see that get you. Hmmmm...actually I don't think it was Shooshie at all. Could've been the guy who delivers the local community newspaper. Or my Mum.<br><br>Whatever, there's a bunch of good people here plus me who will be happy to converse with a site-less person such as yourself, so drop by anytime.<br><br>Bet that didn't help at all. (I flunked Psche 101).<br><br>Cheers,<br>M1. :-)<br><br>
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Re: MacCentral - 04/20/02 02:45 PM

I can relate to your position, having been forced to resign myself from the MacNN forums I spent two years crafting when I left the company to work for MacMinute... it's odd not seeing the same faces or the same lay-out and not knowing exactly where everything is.<br><br>But I hope you give us a chance, and we'll do what we can to make you feel at home.<br><br>
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Re: MacCentral - 04/20/02 02:52 PM

Change is good! Relax, kick back and enjoy the new surroundings. Lots of the same faces here now. Lots of BS still going on over there, I am avoiding it pretty much. I have had a bad taste left in my mouth.<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mikeb_X on 04/20/02 10:53 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: MacSomething (Shhhhh) - 04/20/02 02:54 PM

Talk about me becoming a (Regular)<br>he he<br><br>This could be da place
Posted by: Mactico

Re: MacCentral - 04/20/02 03:02 PM

I found all my friends here. Nice surprise.<br><br>
Posted by: steveg

Pardon me, but.... - 04/20/02 03:08 PM

Don't I know you from somewhere? <br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: MacCentral - 04/20/02 03:16 PM

Hi German. Glad you found the crowd.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: MacCentral - 04/20/02 03:46 PM

Glad you found us, we missed you Mactico! Welcome to Macminute.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: MacCentral - 04/20/02 04:09 PM

Yes you have found all your friends here. Ain't it great?<br><br>
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You really have . . . - 04/20/02 05:02 PM

made us feel welcome, and Lord knows how much we appreciate it. I'm not fond of the "invasion" analogy. I prefer the "exodus" analogy, probably 'cause I used it first. . But I gotta ask, since you're Admin have you seen anything like this before?<br><br>[color:blue]A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. W. Wonka</font color=blue>
Posted by: NotTheOnly1

For me, home-- - 04/20/02 05:23 PM

-- is where the heart is.<br><br>Personally, as much I enjoyed MC, there was a small but definite group of people (who shall remain unnamed) who always made it a point to PUT you BACK in your place. It was this not so subtle reminder that you were- after all- in THEIR home, not your home.<br><br>The Admin unfortunately made this feeling all to clear in not only how he divided the group, but then dealt- or didn't properly deal with it- afterwards.<br><br>I wasn't so convinced this alternative was going to work out. I don't mean to suggest this exodus was merely a bargaining tool to drag JimD to the table- which it quite accidentally turned out to be- but I had a feeling that many would take Aross's view of wishing to be traditional and follow the herd.<br><br>Instead, many of you seem MORE THAN HAPPY to take the best part of home with us and bring it here, where ironically, we don't feel like guests as much as family.<br><br>Free for one, free for all.<br><br>Welcome home.<br><br>I'm sorry, but I must be staying..
Posted by: sross

Re: For me, home-- - 04/20/02 09:06 PM

I, for one, am glad to see the group of well-meaning folks here.<br>I hope to see some more of the ones who offered up their bs with good cheer and humor.<br><br>
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Re: For me, home-- - 04/20/02 09:24 PM

Glad to see you here sross...<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Re: You really have . . . - 04/20/02 10:53 PM

I saw something like this (kind of) when AppleInsider went down for like 6 months or whatever..someone made a website (badflamingo) and copied AI's forum specs and lots came there. Then AI came back up and they all flocked back there.<br><br>Me, I'm just a lurker/occasional poster to both.<br><br>
Posted by: MachOne

Re: For me, home-- - 04/20/02 11:02 PM

Welcome to MacMinute Judge, and pull up a bean bag. <br><br>
Posted by: steveg

Oh yeah? - 04/20/02 11:31 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>offered up their bs with good cheer and humor.<p><hr></blockquote><p>I resemble that remark, bub! <br><br>Great to see you hear, Judge. This here is, ah watchacallit? A classy joint!<br><br>