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Windows - 06/02/11 09:39 PM

no, not that windows, but actual glass windows smile

Just had a salesman over to give estimate on replacing our windows. At least 2 definitely need it & half don't have screens!

Anyway, price for all 10 replaced don't seem too bad, but wanted to ask if anyone knew the difference between double & triple pane windows, other than the amount of glass!

Our estimate would only be $250 cheaper by using all double pane, so thinking of using triple on the 5 westward facing windows

Anyone else get their windows replaced?
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Re: Windows - 06/02/11 10:23 PM


They vary in many different ways.
Here mostly double pane windows with Low-E (argon gas) windows are used. IMO triple pane windows with (krypton gas) performs about the same as argon windows - triple pane just adds a 2nd Low-E coating <-- just looks more tinted = darker.

Heres a forum link - read the 3rd post down from Oberon.

Dual pane windows argon charge, works well for Hawaii - mainly because we do not have them wide temperature changes. So all I would need is a good double pane and save the 250 bucks.

Obviously the triple pane is a better window, that cost a bit more and there are some caveats.

1 - The double coating of Low-E , will make your home darker on the inside = not light and airy, sorta feel.

2 - The window (sash) will be much thicker. So if you place things on window sills, that might not be possible with triple pane ? ?

I do agree with Oberon on the condensation on triple pane windows (as they are doing their job) in early mornings scenario . However I see the same effects with double pane windows.

If you don't mind thicker windows and a darker interior home, the extra 250 bucks would be worth it.
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You could live here in Florida, so you could get (required in some coastal areas) wind and impact resistant windows. Those aren't cheap.
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Re: Windows - 06/02/11 10:42 PM

I have been happy with our double pane windows. We put extra tint on the windows that face the east and west. Ours are double hung but I think that that is only needed if you clean your windows a lot on the outside. It does keep you from having to remove screens to clean them on the outside.
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Re: Windows - 06/03/11 01:07 AM

Wow.. I guess you must have won the lottery, eh? New computer, new snakes, new pool, new iPad, new winders.. where does the insanity stop??? whistle wink
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Re: Windows - 06/03/11 02:02 AM

Thanks Steve, good info!

Papa, we have double pane right now, I think. I only thought about triple pane because of the setting sun and extra heat coming in. Did you tint your windows yourself?

Ng4, no, no lottery. Just have a nice inheritance coming in. That's why all the questions smile

I do want to hit you up on some photography questions though
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Papa, we have double pane right now, I think. I only thought about triple pane because of the setting sun and extra heat coming in. Did you tint your windows yourself? Maybe tinting that side of the house is the way to go?

One easy way to check,, is there is a very small stamp (white in color) at one of the corners of your window - it will say Low-E. If there is no stamp, you do not have Low-E windows. Mind you there are double pane windows but they are NOT gas charged, nor are Low-E coated.

Sure tinting your windows is a low cost method from the Sun Heating through radiation, much like putting sunglasses on your home but thats about it, they do nothing for heat or cool temperature transfer, thats were a Low-E comes into play.

Mind you.
That if your home is not properly insulated to begin with, then Low-E is not worth the money, double or triple pane is not gonna help that much. Just tint instead.
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Re: Windows - 06/03/11 01:32 PM

Thanks for the info, I will look for stamp when I get home

I think our house is pretty well insulated. During the winter I look at the roofs after it snows and our roof will still have snow even when others have large patches missing due to heat coming out
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Re: Windows - 06/03/11 09:20 PM

The windows came tinted from the manufacturer. I don't remember if there was an option for darker tints or just the one we got.
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Re: Windows - 06/04/11 02:39 AM

During the winter I look at the roofs after it snows and our roof will still have snow even when others have large patches missing due to heat coming out

Thats a great sign, John.
Another great heat / cool lost is where the walls meets the foundation. Even if the walls are insulated,, just that one joint where the wall (bottom plate) meets the floor, turns out to be a good heat exchanger. Something that most if not all builders over looked, after all you think the walls are insulated, right.

So in your case, its to late. However the next time you change flooring, you can insulate that floor joint by 50%.

Heres how we do that here. Mind you our intentions was to curb (sound transfer) between condo units. This is when the sound engineers discovered that not just sound transfer between units but also heat and cool air as well. At the end of framing , just before dry walling. Apply a thick bead of (acoustical caulk) then install the dry wall, after the dry wall, apply another bead of caulk, later your finish flooring and base boards goes over the caulk.

You must use (acoustical caulk) - Latex and Silicone caulk has very little thermal value, some brands non at all. Also do not use the (fire rated caulk) red in color because it is more toxic and the red dye that is used can telegraph through your finished floor.
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Re: Windows - 06/07/11 06:05 PM

No white or any other color sticker on window!

I am waiting on Champion Windows to come give an estimate and tonight Window World comes.

TruFit was only $3900 for 5 triple paned and 5 double paned
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Re: Windows - 06/07/11 09:15 PM

TruFit was only $3900 for 5 triple paned and 5 double paned

That sounds like a fair estimate , of course here it would be about 500 bucks more.

Watch out for (exclusions) from the contractor <-- tell me those details if you want. Some contractors that do come in with a cheaper estimate is because they excluded certain items that the owner must purchase or complete,, this adds to your cost and time.

Anyway the important thing - and to be fair to all parties and to yourself - you MUST ask for the same (scope of work) from all contractors that you are entertaining estimates from. Sometimes contractors will offer different (work) since their,, there or include different items <-- this will change the estimate big time.

Tell all 3 contractors that you want 10 windows with complete finishes - no more and no less. Do not tell one contractor that you will do the touch up paint but not the other two.
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Re: Windows - 06/08/11 10:05 PM

They are all asked the same thing: replace 10 windows. I don't plan on doing any painting.

Champion spent an hour and a half of my time & never gave me a quote. He was trying to buddy up to me that he ran out of time. I had to leave. He comes back Friday, he better have on quick.

Window World took exactly 1 hour and gave me a quote of $3300

I am really leaning towards Window World because of their price, warranty, they won the torch award on BBB! And Dave Ramsey mentions them a lot.
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Re: Windows - 06/09/11 03:54 PM

We replaced 6 windows with the stimulus rebates, took an afternoon. No way I'm paying someone for something so easy. smile
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Re: Windows - 06/09/11 04:16 PM

Well, about 2 years ago my dad put aluminum around all the windows to prolong/preserve the wood. Getting that off is going to be a job. Plus the way it works for me is to triple the normal cost & time if I do it. I seem to have a really good knack at doing that