Let me just say.....

Posted by: bganey

Let me just say..... - 04/20/02 05:43 AM

This is a great forum.....<br><br>It took like....what...2 seconds for everybody to come over?<br><br>
Posted by: MachOne

Re: Let me just say..... - 04/20/02 05:52 AM

There's a couple missing still, like Ron and SexyBoy and some others who I forget right this second, but it's early days.<br><br>No doubt JimD has looked in a few times to see what the defection rate is. I guess he's having some second thoughts at this moment.<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: Let me just say..... - 04/20/02 05:59 AM

I emailed Topper. I asked him to at least drop by and say hello to everyone here. I sincerely hope he does.<br><br>I expect we'll see a few more in the coming days.<br><br>I just had a silly thought about the Mosaic project. Maybe the updates should be posted here. <br><br><br><br>
Posted by: MachOne

Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 06:08 AM

Good one. Probably not a silly notion. The new host might get a bit upset over the MC references though. <br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 06:13 AM

I would imagine the new host would have something to say.<br>It was just a jest. I'll be hopping back and forth on a regular basis for the next while.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Posted by: iRock

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 06:54 AM

Hi Marge, me too.<br><br>Cheers, iRock
Posted by: carp

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 06:59 AM

Marge it might be best to keep the Mosaic a MC project after all it did originate over there. Just to show some class.<br><br>
Posted by: StanFlack

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 09:32 AM

Sorry for my ignorance guys, but Mosaic project???<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Stan
Posted by: snag

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 09:38 AM

Hi Marg, iRock, me three <br>I don't really like the idea of punishing Jim though. I do think he has a good heart even if it was co-opted by some others.<br><br>
Posted by: MachOne

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 09:43 AM

Pop over to MC and check out the thread in the Lounge that mentions Mosaic. Easier than trying to explain it. There's a bunch of links in the thread that'll clarify it all.<br><br>Cheers Stan,<br>M1<br><br>
Posted by: Krasni

Mosaic - 04/20/02 09:45 AM

It's long to explain, and my English isn't so good.<br>Take a look at this:<br>http://forums.maccentral.com/wwwthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=Lounge&Number=141767&part=1<br><br>
Posted by: MachOne

Re: Mosaic - 04/20/02 09:48 AM

Even better Krasni. :-)<br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 09:49 AM

Hi Stan. Maybe I should answer this since I brought up the subject.<br><br>A group of people have got together and are creating a Mosaic. There are 35 artists, each creating their own "tile" sight unseen from each other. Each person when given their tile has a few pixals of the edge of 2 or 3 sides in which we try to blend our own pic. When finished it is then passed on to the next person in line.<br><br>The project started life just as a fun thing but has now evolved into a very large charity thing. A limited number of posters of this mosaic will be auctioned at MWNY in July.<br><br>I'm sorry I mentioned it here. I only said it in jest. I would not want my new host to take offence.<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: StanFlack

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 09:53 AM

OK thanks all, I think I have the jist of it.<br><br>I have no problem whatsoever with you folks discussing the project here -- MacCentral references or not. I don't believe, and have never believed, that the Mac Web sites should be isolationists. I think we all bring something to the table and there is always room for quality content out there. Readers should decide where they surf, not Webmasters, imho.<br><br>You never need to be worried about stuff like that in here, I assure you. Just mention MacMinute in your travels from time to time. <br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Stan
Posted by: MachOne

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 10:04 AM

Appreciate your tolerance Stan, and thanks from all of us for the welcome mat. You're a gracious host.<br><br>Cheers,<br>M1.<br><br>
Posted by: StanFlack

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 10:06 AM

The pleasure is all mine. Great to have some new faces in our humble abode. <br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Stan
Posted by: steveg

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 12:22 PM

Thank you carp. Just what I was thinking (and I know you were joshin', marg). Especially since some of the people who are now supporting and working with us (UCP, IDG, etc, may drop by the Mosaic threads from time to time to see the progress for themselves. In fact, out of courtesy and respect for Stan and JimD yes, Jim, too I siggest we discuss all MC issues at MC, and enjoy Stan's gracious hospitality in the context of MM. Fair 'nuff? <br><br>Oh yeah... .mornin' all! |:-0<br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: Mosaic matters. - 04/20/02 12:30 PM

Good morning Steve. I mentioned I was sorry for my remarks and it won't happen again. I agree what is there is there and what is here is here.<br><br>I guess it's just I felt a little misplaced. I'm getting used to MM now but it felt so strange at first.<br><br><br><br>