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Moon! - 09/17/10 01:29 PM

Cresent Moon - from the ISS
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Squirrel! - 09/17/10 05:46 PM

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Re: Moon! - 09/17/10 05:46 PM

Was that taken with point & shoot? Or a smartphone perhaps?

Nice shot from the space station, though.

Thanks for sharing. I love the NASA app on my iPad!
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Re: Squirrel! - 09/17/10 05:50 PM

He looks absolutely content. He's not eating it or anything, but he's not lettin' go, either.

Nice shot.

I made a 3D model of a squirrel, and named him Paden, who will star in my 3D cartoon, if I ever finish the rest of the cast. I don't suppose you have a hi-res version of that squirrel, do you?
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Re: Squirrel! - 09/17/10 05:56 PM

Just snagged it from the internet. I saw a snip of a movie about a dog who could talk explaining how how his master had made an electronic collar which gave him speaking ability SQUIRREL!
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Re: Moon! - 09/17/10 10:09 PM

Thats not the moon, its this

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Re: Squirrel! - 09/18/10 12:20 PM

UP! That gag was pretty good.